What Molly Doesn't Know...


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May 25, 2004

Harry Potter Fan Fics

Harry and Charlie want to be together, despite what Mrs. Weasley says. Sequel to Who I Remember He Was.
This was written for the Virgin Challenge by scribbulus_ink. Thank you to my wonderful beta maltkate22!

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"I told you, Charlie. I will not have you and Harry sleeping in the same room, not to mention the same bed." She crossed her arms over her chest and gave a disapproving glare. "It's bad enough that you have a boyfriend almost a decade younger than you, but I will certainly not allow this under my roof."

Although he usually stayed out of arguments with his mother - after all nobody could win against her - Charlie knew he had to try with this one. "Mum, you don't understand. It's not that we just want to sleep in a room because we want to have... you know." And wasn't it the worst thing in the world to talk with your mother about your sex life? "Its more of a comfort thing. After all we barely see each other and when we can meet want to spend as much time together as possible."

"You should have thought about that before taking up with a student." She sighed and looked at Charlie seriously. He just knew what was coming now. They had been over this time and time again. "Charlie, do you really think this is wise? The boy is barely sixteen. You can't honestly believe that this relationship will work out!"

"Mum, the boy, as you call him, is Harry. And in a few months he will be seventeen." He paused to try and make her understand this time."And does anybody have a guarantee that any relationship will work out? We have already talked about this. The point is not up for discussion."

She glared disapprovingly. "And the other point is not up to discussion either. I said no, Charlie and it will stay that way." She turned towards the stove. "Now hand me that pan over there and stop this rubbish."

Harry tiptoed to Charlie's room. He looked around in the hallway, making sure nobody was around to see him. He only had a short way, but Mrs. Weasley - or really anybody - appearing now would set his plans back. However, the hallway was dark and not even a light shone from the other rooms. He tiptoed to the door across from his and opened it. Quickly checking to make sure he had the right one, he entered and closed the door behind him with a quiet click and turned towards the bed. Charlie was already spread out there, clad only in his white boxers. The room was only illuminated by a few candles and in the dim light, Charlie's whole body shone like an ethereal appearance. Even his bright red hair looked dark in comparison and for once his many freckles were invisible.

Harry could only barely make out Charlie's open eyes in the little light there was. He knew he was being watched as he shed his pyjamas and underwear and crawled onto the bed. The only sounds in the room were the light breathing of the two of them and the creaking of the bed, echoing in the room. No words were needed.

As soon as Harry could, he claimed Charlie's mouth with his own. In his mind there was no feeling like kissing Charlie Weasley. His mouth was hot and sweet and wet, but the good kind of wet. Just the right amount of tongue and lips and...

Oh, yes. Charlie's hands had gripped his arse and were slowly massaging it. He had told Charlie before that he wanted to have sex - real sex - with him, but Charlie had always had excuses not to do it: his mother would find out, they hadn't been together long enough, Harry was too young, he was still in mourning for Sirius... The possibilities were seemingly endless.

Harry only hoped that he had finally come to his senses. They had had to meet behind Mrs. Weasley's back for these sessions anyway and Harry didn't see a reason to let them keep the possibility of being found out from having sex. After all with Charlie always casting silencing and locking charms, the chances were pretty low.

In his opinion there was only one reason, which would keep him from pressuring, but Charlie never said he wasn't ready to have sex with Harry. He had only ever talked about Harry's feelings and as far as Harry was concerned, he knew far more about them than Charlie did.

He knew he trusted Charlie and that was the most important thing. He had trusted Charlie when he couldn't remember a thing and had trusted him when he had found out that he had caused all the ruckus around Dumbledore for nothing, had trusted him with his nightmares and feelings and up until now, Charlie hadn't disappointed him once.

He had even tried to convince Mrs. Weasley to let Harry sleep in his room, and Harry knew how much Charlie hated to argue with his mother.

No matter his age or anything else, he was definitely ready for more. And it seemed at the moment Charlie was as well. Harry grinned. He was lying half atop him and they had almost full body contact. He could feel Charlie's erection against his stomach, Charlie's legs were twined with his own, and Charlie'€™s hands were moving over his back, his tongue in Harry's mouth.

Harry moved down a bit; coming out of the lip-lock they had been engaged in. He could feel their dicks sliding together, even through the cotton of Charlie's pants. Still, he wanted to feel skin. He moved to his knees, hands skimming over Charlie's chest and stomach, feeling the slight borders and coarser skin of burn marks he knew were there, and hooked his fingers under the waistband of Charlie's boxers.

Drawing the pants down, he slowly exposed more of Charlie's flat stomach, lifted the material to move it over the head of Charlie's dick, baring that together with his vibrantly red pubic hair, the almost white skin contrasting sharply with the red background.

The temptation was just too much. Harry felt like he had to act, otherwise he wouldn't survive the next minutes. He had to lean down, lick his way up from the base to the small ridge around the head. His right hand fisted into the sheets basically without his order, while his left hand lifted Charlie's dick, so his mouth could reach more of him.

And reach more, he did. He took the head of Charlie's dick into his mouth, intent on not getting his teeth in the way and lightly suckled at it. He knew the light suction drove Charlie wild and he loved to please his boyfriend in this way.

Just like now. As soon as he had started his little game of teasing Charlie, Charlie had become a very amusing participant. He was groaning and swearing, trying to push his hips up into the air, but not succeeding due to Harry's left hand, which had moved, from his dick to his hip. Harry lapped at the small opening at the very top and grinned when Charlie gave a small squeak. Really, very amusing.

Harry liked the whole shaft once again, tongue wiggling over the flesh, making sure to go slower when he got further to the top. Charlie tried pushing his hips up once more, but Harry held him down even if he had to use his right hand as well. There was nothing like an uncontrolled Charlie Weasley in bed.

Only this time, the whole thing didn't turn out like he had planned. With an embarrassing squeak Harry suddenly found himself turned over on the bed with Charlie above him, grinning, and red hair blazing like a halo around his head.

"Thought you'd get me again with that old trick?" Harry shivered when he heard the low tones Charlie's voice had sunk to and swallowed. He felt his dick brushing against his stomach and almost started to strain against Charlie, trying to get friction from somewhere, but he kept himself in check. He was waiting for what Charlie had planned.

He just hoped it included fucking.

And indeed it looked as if Charlie was willing to go further this time. Still grinning, he laid down on his side next to Harry and started to move his left hand over Harry's chest, drew circles around his nipples, dipped into his belly button, teased his dick with a few strokes, but never once got closer to his hole than he had before.

It really was frustrating.

Harry finally did move his hips if only to indicate where he wanted this night's activities to go, but Charlie was seemingly unconcerned with his wishes. Finally Harry had had enough of the teasing stroke of Charlie's hand. "You can get on with it, you know. After all I don't want to die a virgin." He grinned at Charlie cheekily. "With the speed you're going I'm going to need a potency potion to get it up once we get to the best part."

Charlie grinned at him. "How do you know that's the best part?" He moved his hand down Harry's chest once again. "After all, you could suddenly decide that you don't like it at all and then what will you do?"

Harry's breath hitched and his brain almost short-circuited when Charlie reached his dick once again and used a neat little twisting motion Harry loved, but he managed to get a grip of enough brain cells to continue the game they were playing. "How I know? Why Mr. Weasley, I experimented of course." He opened his eyes and smiled at Charlie. Then he pushed his hips up into Charlie's hand, reminding him to go on. "Just imagine, all those lonely nights at the Dursleys. Nobody to keep me company but I, nothing to do but play with myself..." He hissed when Charlie gave a particularly strong jerk. "Nothing to do but explore what I like to have done to me."

He shivered at Charlie's voice, his breath tickling his ear. "Tell me more. Tell me how you touch yourself."

Harry blushed. Never mind lying here naked with his dick in Charlie hand and his own teasing description, he felt awkward. It was also embarrassing to tell Charlie describing exactly what he liked to do to himself. However, if he tried to be a grown-up then he was also going to be mature enough to handle this. He took a deep breath.

"At first, I always play with my nipples. You know I love to twist them in my fingers, slowly rolling them... oh... oh... yes... do that again! Then I wet my fing... fingers and continue to play with them. The cool air makes them all hard." His pushing became more frenzied.

"What then Harry?" He shuddered at the low voice so close to his ear.

"Then I moved down my body. I don't touch my dick at first. Instead I start by rolling my balls through my fingers. From one finger to the nex... next... oh God! I can feel the balls moving inside and then I move my fingers again. YES!" The last word was almost hissed, but he didn't open his eyes to read in Charlie's face if it was Parseltongue or not, he just continued his fantasy. "I move downwards, stroke along my skin and then touch my hole. I circle my finger around it." He paused trying to find enough breath and brain cells to go on. "I stick my fingers into my mouth, move my tongue around them making them all slippery and then move back again. There's no feeling like that of your own fingers up your arse. The muscle is tight, so tight and I have to bent to reach properly, but it's so good." He gave another jerk into Charlie's direction and this time, he managed to push against Charlie himself. His brain had a second to realise 'hot!', 'skin!', before he groaned and opened his eyes when Charlie moved away.

"Tell me more."

Right, he had been in the middle of something. "Then before I come, I take my fingers out and start to really jerk my dick. I do it fast and dry and it feels like I'm on fire and then I... COME." He bucked up again, almost there, but in the last second Charlie pulled his hand away and Harry was left humping air. He panted lightly and for a moment he only lay there, exhausted. Then Harry opened his eyes and smiled up at Charlie. "Good enough?"

Charlie swallowed once, twice, thrice. "Damn."

Harry took it that his description had been good. He reminded Charlie of his duty by pushing his hips up. He watched as Charlie came out of his daze and started to slowly move again. Harry's head fell back. He moved his legs further apart, wanting to show Charlie what he wanted, wanting to make clear that he was sure. Wanting to feel even more of Charlie's skin, and wanting to feel the naughtiness of his position.

Apparently Charlie understood what he was trying to say. His hand stopped moving on his dick and instead moved lower, grazed his balls and touched the skin behind them that always made him feel on fire when he stroked a bit harder, just like Charlie did now.

Then he felt the first tentative touch at his hole and almost howled with pleasure. Where he had always only been able to reach down there awkwardly, now he could finally fully appreciate the feeling. He moved his hips down on Charlie finger, telling him to just get on with it.

The slight pressure suddenly disappeared and he could feel the bed moving beside him. He opened his eyes and saw Charlie rummaging through his bedside table. Finally he returned triumphant with a bottle of oil. He unscrewed the top, dipped his finger inside and then Charlie finally moved inside him. He was finally getting to his goal, and there was nothing in the world that was going to stop him. His hips moved against Charlie's hand basically by themselves and Harry was only along for the ride.

He could feel Charlie's finger twisting inside him, moving in and out, suddenly touching his sweet spot... €just... right... there. Harry almost jumped off the bed, but was held there by Charlie's weight. He slowly opened his eyes, wanting to see Charlie's reaction and it was more than he had ever hoped for. Charlie's eyes were dark with desire and he was staring at Harry intently. On his forehead several small beads of sweat were forming and he looked intensely concentrated.

Harry leaned up to kiss Charlie's mouth, softly, quickly and just before he pulled away again, he whispered: "More, please."

Charlie followed his lead without and argument and only applied a bit more oil, before he moved two fingers inside Harry.

Harry exhaled loudly. That felt even better. Charlie kept brushing his prostate from time to time and Harry was definitely getting closer to the edge once again. With a decisive movement, Harry pushed Charlie off him. For one second he could see Charlie's surprised face and smiled down at and then he positioned himself above Charlie's erection. He looked down at Charlie's face, which looked stunned. His right hand was holding Charlie's dick, while his left was balancing him on Charlie's shoulder.

And then he slowly let himself sink onto Charlie's erection. The first movement in burned and Harry had to stop several times and take a deep breath or move out a bit again before going further, but still, this felt incredible.

Charlie was steadying him now, gripping his arms and waiting patiently until he had sat down fully. His knees rested on either side of Charlie's stomach and he used his legs to push him up again and then down, up and down, down and up, getting faster and faster with every second, moving his hips in a slightly circular motion.

He could feel himself getting closer. He could almost feel it. Charlie's hands were on his hips now, guiding him into a less bumpy rhythm... and then there... finally! YES! He could feel it rushing through him, burning him from the inside, rhythm broken. He threw his head back and in the last moment took he hold of his own dick and started to stroke it.

And he fell. His cum splattered out of his dick, against his chest, dripping down onto Charlie. Harry was still moving erratically, couldn't seem to stop his movements and then Charlie grabbed his hips extra hard, pushed his hips up to meet Harry's thrust, squeezed his eyes shut and came into Harry.

With a small sigh, Harry slumped against Charlie's chest. He pushed a sweaty strand of hair out off his eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of the body beneath him. He knew that he would have to move soon or they would be extremely stuck. But at the moment he could still enjoy the warmth, Charlie's arms around his back, the still accelerated beating of his heart.

He let out another sigh and snuggled further into Charlie's body. He was already dreading going back to Hogwarts, where he would have his bed only to himself and- He froze when the door suddenly banged open.

He almost gave himself whiplash when he snatched his head around to look at the door. Why wasn't it locked anyway? Charlie usually did that as soon as Harry entered the room. He thought back to the scene and groaned when he realised he had pounced on Charlie before he had cast the locking and silencing charms.

With a small whimper he buried his head in Charlie's chest, sure that it was Mrs. Weasley standing there, only waiting to yell at them.

The voice that he heard, however, certainly wasn't the one of Mrs. Weasley. It actually sounded more like... Bill? With the discovery, opened his eyes and locked back at the door. He hadn't listened to what was being said, but now he could hear the amusement in Bill's voice, even though he also seemed somewhat vexed. Probably didn't like being woken in the middle of the night by banging against his wall.

"... and next time, please, don't forget the silencing charms." Bill flashed a grin at Charlie. "After all, it can't have been for nothing that I taught them to you." He winked at the two of them and then closed the door behind him again.

As soon as he was gone, Harry and Charlie both breathed out, looked at each other and fought to keep their laughter inside. Relief together with embarrassment was making it a rather ambitious endeavour. In the end Charlie simply reached for his wand and cast the right charms.

They both exploded in laughter. Harry was still lying on Charlie's chest and at the moment he wasn't even worried about the picture they must have made to Bill. Tomorrow would be enough time to be embarrassed about it.

He smiled happily, heard Charlie utter another charm - cleaning, his sleepy mind supplied - but the he was already gone wrapped in Charlie's arms and utterly happy.
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