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February 8, 2005

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Main Entry: vit-ri-ol
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Medieval Latin vitriolum, alteration of Late Latin vitreolum, neuter of vitreolus glassy, from Latin vitreus vitreous
1 a : a sulfate of any of various metals (as copper, iron, or zinc); especially : a glassy hydrate of such a sulfate b : OIL OF VITRIOL
2 : something felt to resemble vitriol especially in caustic quality; especially : virulence of feeling or of speech



The goblet scratched over the surface of the table when Snape pushed it away from him. "See to it that you do not waste any of it."

"It was only a drop, Severus."

"I am not here to discuss this. I deliver the potion and you leave me alone."

"Do you always have to be so vitriolic?" Remus inhaled and swallowed quickly, still not able to suppress a shudder. He shoved the goblet back.

Snape's cloak caught on the table leg when he leaned forward. He pulled back, snatching the material around him. "Yes." The door banged closed.
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