Sirius/Remus/Severus, Harry/Sirius
6,905 words
January 11, 2004

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This fic is part of the Canis Major FQF and responds to challenge 56. Sirius and Remus disappear every Friday night, and Harry is dying to know where they go. Sirius claims they go out to play pool, but Harry doesn't believe him. He's seen the odd bruises, and smelled the funny scents that linger on them. Harry, in typical Gryffindor style, follows them... right down to Professor Snape's office. Harry watches their wild threesome from under his invisibility cloak, but halfway through, he knocks over a cauldron... (Nimori)

Book Reviews

They are doing it again! I can't believe they really think I'm stupid enough to believe their excuses of "playing pool". Yeah, right. Although I've never played, I'm sure you don't get bruises all over your neck and chest from it. And you don't get your hair messed up like you just walked through a wind channel. And you sure as hell don't smell like sex from it either!

I can't believe they really think it necessary to lie to me. It's not like I don't know that they fancy each other, although I'm not sure on the exact concept of their relationship yet. When they are around the house they seem like the usual best friends, but as soon as they meet with others they are touching and flirting like teenagers. And besides, I am not a baby, I am seventeen after all and here they go out just to shag. Honestly!

It's the same every Friday night, just after ten o'clock they tell me they go to the new pool place in Hogsmeade and leave me to my studies (Yes, I know I'm pathetic to study on Friday nights, but I am trying to stay alive during my yearly encounters with Voldemort. You do that without studying.)

Anyway, when they finally come back they definitely don't look like they played pool, or spend the night in a smoky bar, or didn't do exactly what I think they're doing!

I don't understand why they can't just tell me and then stop sneaking around. After all, this must be annoying for them too.

Well, ... except of course ... what if they meet ... but who? There aren't that many wizards their age in Hogsmeade, most are at least forty years older and married. Isn't it a joy to live in an all wizard town? Most young people go to live near the Muggle world and so we are stuck with nosy neighbours and the fact that we are the talk of town, with Remus, the werewolf, Sirius, the ex-convict and me and what a scandal that there is no Mrs. Black or Lupin around!

In that respect it's almost as bad as Privet Drive, well of course, except that I don't have to hide that I'm a wizard and my guardian is way nicer than the Dursleys can ever dream of being. So, it's still a dream come true, even if we are forced to stay as close to Hogwarts as possible.

But that still doesn't explain whether they are telling me the truth or not.

Okay, that's it. I'm not getting done anything anyway, so I might as well find out what they are up to and especially with whom.

They only left a few minutes ago, so I should be able to track them. After I get my invisibility cloak from upstairs; I run after them towards the edge of Hogsmeade.

I can see them walking and talking about 30 feet in front of me and I follow them more slowly now, careful not to bump into any late strollers.

It actually is rather nice to finally be able to live in the wizarding world all year round, even if it is the old people's home of the Wizarding World. And I'm glad that after Sirius got cleared last year, he made good of his promise from third year and now I'm happily spending my first summer with him. And Remus.

And everything would be fine if they could just stop lying. I hate to be lied to, especially about something so personal. I mean even if what they do isn't right in some way, it's not like I would go blabbing about it to everybody. And I can understand that they wouldn't want to talk to me about their sex life - the episode where after my fourth year, Sirius suddenly decided he had to explain the birds and bees to me was bad enough - but it's not like I want details. Just a quick "We're going on a date tonight." would be fine.

But no, they are going to play "pool".

They suddenly take a turn left and disappear from my sight. I really should stop thinking so much and better concentrate on following them. I'm in absolutely no mood to wait until next Friday to try trailing them again.

We get nearer to the edge of the village now and I try to remember who lives here. There are mainly shops and restaurants in this area; the houses are on the other side of the village, further away from Hogwarts and the bustle of the students on Hogsmeade weekends.

Wait, Hogwarts ...

But that can't be, over the holidays there are only Dumbledore, Snape and Vector left and surely Sirius and Remus wouldn't ... NO! I don't even want to think about it!

But unfortunately my fears are confirmed when they pass the gates to the Hogwarts grounds and start on their way around the lake, me still following them in a bit of a distance.

My thoughts are running rampant in my head. Why would they go to Hogwarts? Perhaps I was wrong and they aren't going out to shag? Perhaps they have something to discuss with Dumbledore about Voldemort? But why didn't they tell me then? I'm usually right in the middle of everything connecting Voldemort and that's why they long ago stopped trying to keep me out of things. That way I at least have an idea what's going on when I stumble, once again, into a dangerous situation.

Or perhaps Snape is working on an improvement of the Wolfsbane potion? But then why do they go there every Friday and not just only before the full moon? And again why didn't they tell me? As far as I'm concerned they are my family after all and that's something a family would talk about. At least I think so.

And then what about the smell and love bites? I'm pretty sure they are love bites, Seamus is usually covered in them and those looked definitely the same.

Maybe they are meeting Professor Vector? But no, that's just too unbelievable, after all ... she's ... well ... female.

And I'm a hundred percent sure that Sirius and Remus like guys ... and only guys. Don't ask me how I know, I just do. I suppose this gaydar thing really works, at least for me. I mean I knew Neville was gay even before he knew himself and I must admit, usually I'm not very perceptive to this kind of thing, but when I returned for my fifth year I could tell straight away that he was. And I was right, he came out shortly after the Christmas holidays, together with his boyfriend Justin, another one where I knew that he fancied blokes even before it became common knowledge.

But I'm getting absolutely off topic again. Fortunately we finally reach the entrance doors and I quickly catch up with them so I won't be forced to reopen the doors after them and make them suspicious.

And then when I follow them down to the left and in direction of the dungeons, I start feeling vaguely sick. I really, really, really hope that they are working on an improvement of Remus' potion, but on the other hand, I'm also not able to stop. My dreaded curiosity forces me to get to know what's going on.

About halfway down the corridor to our potions classroom Sirius and Remus finally start to confirm my suspicions. They start walking closer together, and just before the end of the hallway Sirius puts his arm around Remus' waist.

And then a piece of the wall slides open and I can see Snape in the doorway. But he doesn't look like the Snape I know at all. For one thing he isn't wearing his black, way to large robes, but rather nice blue ones and his hair falls loosely around his face, which isn't distorted in its usual sneer.

I'm too far away to understand what they are saying, but when Remus and Sirius follow Snape into the potions classroom some morbid curiosity makes me follow them. The door isn't fully closed yet when I slip through and with no students around they don't seem to bother with locking it.

Inside, I just barely notice the room I've spent six years of my Potions lessons in, but I am rather mesmerised by the sight of my godfather and Snape kissing deeply, while Remus is busy nibbling at Snape's neck. And who thought that the greasy git could make so absolutely undignified noises?

But why the hell are they doing that at all? Well okay, I know why, but why with each other? I still thought that they hated each other. Especially Sirius and Snape, and here he is snogging this ... this ... apparently incredibly talented kisser... Shit... Sirius looks like he is close to coming from snogging alone...

Oh, my. I know that watching them is wrong on so many levels, but at the same time I can't force myself to leave or even only turn away. It's strange, I never really wanted to watch anybody do this. Especially not those people doing that together. But this looks really interesting and after all, they wouldn't know that I was watching them and perhaps I can even learn a thing or two.

I'm sure Snape would be delighted to know that I finally want to learn something from him. At this thought, I snort but quickly muffle the sound. It'd be really embarrassing if they found me here.

But fortunately, they are all way too busy to notice the small noise. Sirius is already unbuttoning Snape's robes and when he is about half-way down, Remus pulls them off his shoulders and lets them fall to the floor, leaving Snape standing there in black boxers.

He actually doesn't look as bad as one would imagine. A bit pale and skinny, but who am I to talk about that? Remus and Sirius, however, don't seem to mind.

Actually, Remus seems to be absolutely devoted to kissing every fraction of an inch of Snape's shoulders and back and he is slowly making his way downwards. When he arrives at the waistband of his boxers he starts to slowly pull them down and continues his kissing.

Meanwhile Sirius stopped snogging Snape and dropped in front of him ... and is he really going to do what I think he is doing? ... Yep, he is. ... This picture shouldn't be as arousing as it is. My godfather in front of his supposed arch enemy and my "second" godfather, now naked, behind him and, I think, about to enter him. Snape has his head thrown back, while Sirius is busy bobbing his head back and forth.

I really would like to see more of what exactly Sirius is doing. From here I can only see a bit of the side of his head when he moves back, because Snape's hip is in the way. So, if I would just go a bit to the left then ... CLUTTER ... oops.

My elbow catches on one of the cauldrons on the desktop and with it a part of my invisibility cloak comes off. Of course, it has to be the hood!

No chance that they didn't notice me and I fearfully look up from where I'm staring at the fallen cauldron and look right into the eyes of an extremely pissed off Potions master.

The last thing I hear before I flee the room in humiliation is a furious: "POTTER! OUT!"

CLUTTER! Shit! I jerk my head back just in time to avoid biting Severus in my surprise and look around what interrupted us. I feel Severus freeze in front of me and then I hear a shuffling of feet and the same moment as I feel dread rise in my throat, I hear those words that I never hoped to hear in this situation. "POTTER! OUT!"

I turn my head in time to see my godson hurrying out of the room, his invisibility cloak flapping behind him and in a moment I am on his heels to try to explain myself. Halfway out of the dungeons he finally gets rid of his cloak and now carries it in one hand. At least I'm not following a half invisible figure anymore. But damn, he is fast!

"Harry! Wait!" I finally reach him on his way out through the main entrance and put a hand on his shoulder to turn him around. "Harry, it's not what it looks like." 'So you weren't fucking Severus and Remus?' Annoying voices in my head, always have to point out the obvious.

"Then you weren't just fucking Remus and Snape and have been every Friday?" He cocks an eyebrow at me and dares me to lie. "And Snape of all people! I thought you hated him!" He storms off again, this time in direction of the lake and I follow him. This really is a discussion I don't want to have with my godson. But on the other hand I have to talk to him if I don't want our newly founded relationship to be ruined. I know he hates being lied to, but how do you tell you seventeen-year-old godson that you're fucking his teacher and your best friend at the same time? Well, I won't have to tell him now, because he already knows ... and has seen us ... oh, Merlin ... I'm actually getting embarrassed by this and let me tell you, it takes a lot to embarrass me.

So when he finally slows down near the water and plops down at the shore, I don't know what to say. So I just sit down, try to calm down my blush and look at the water as if it is keeping the secrets of the universe. Of course it isn't, but one can always hope, right?

Nope, tonight the lake seems as still as it ever gets. The only thing I hear is the croaking of the frogs and the chirping of the crickets. Usually I'm always too busy and loud to hear this stuff, but now I do and I feel the warm summer air around me. I know that if I were trying to sleep now I couldn't because it would be uncomfortable in every position and too warm and humid and there would probably be a mosquito or two flying around me, annoying the hell out of me...

Harry's voice suddenly startles me out of my - admittedly - irrelevant thoughts. "You know, that the shock is not even that you are shagging Snape?" He gives a little snort, that reminds me that he has spend a fair amount of time with the man over the years. In fact so much to have picked up some of his mannerisms.

No I don't, but that's good to hear, because Severus really knows what he is doing - in and out of the bedroom. But that's not something I can say, so I just keep quiet. Not the solution I would have used a few years ago, but hey, a few years ago, I also wouldn't have been screwing Severus. Strange how things change, sometimes in such a short time. I still remember when I saw Harry that first time, as a terrified thirteen-year-old, with way to big clothes and his trunk and owl cage in Privet Drive.

And now four years later he is living with me and Remus and has almost finished his education at Hogwarts. It's creepy how one moment time is crawling by and you think it will never be over and the next moment it's rushing by and you think you'll never be able to keep up with everything. There never seems to be a way to just let time move in it's right speed.

A sigh next to me, gets me out of my thoughts once more and I'm confident that my face looks normal again, so this time I turn my head away from the black water - it's almost new moon - and look at Harry. He is staring at the water as well, but his expression isn't angry anymore, more ... sad? And then he speaks again: "You know that I'm envious of my Professor's sex life? Pathetic, eh?"

I feel that I have to say something, to reassure him. Think, Padfoot. ... "I don't think pathetic is the word I'd choose. More like normal for a teenager who doesn't have a boyfriend." - and isn't interested in girls as he told me during that other embarrassing night two years ago, when I thought I had to do my godfatherly duty. Turned out I was a bit late for that specific talk.

His voice is kind of bitter when he answers me. "Yeah, a teenager who has never gotten laid at seventeen and is expected to save the world instead of having a normal life."

Oh, so that's the problem. I can understand - not from personal experience, of course - that being a virgin in your seventh year can be somewhat ... stressing. Better not tell him that, though. "You know that's not the end of the world. I'm sure there are more people your age who haven't had sex yet."

He snorts again. Why do I have the feeling that he is suddenly turning all Snape on me? Then he finally turns around to look at me and asks me - way more sarcastically than I'm used from him. "Don't tell me you were still a virgin at my age?"

His eyes dare me to lie but I only notice that after I shout out a panicked "NO!" Whoops, I have to remind myself that I'm trying to reassure him, not make him feel even worse. I try again: "I mean no, But I'm hardly a good example. I've always been a bit ... precocious."

I look away for a moment, then back and see the question in his eyes. Is there any use in not telling him? After all this hardly matters now, when it was more than twenty years ago. "Fourteen."

His eyes become a little wider, but I can see the "Told you so." clearly reflected. "But that really isn't the norm. There were plenty of others who did it way later." Think, Sirius, think! Remus? No, he was fifteen, bad example. James? Sixteen, not much better. Aehm...

And then the inevitable question: "Who?"

Okay, I'm so no good for this talk. Hell, I used to be one of the guys who would make fun of Peter's virginity status. Not that I think he'd be a good example to give to Harry.

He is still waiting for an answer. Time to say something to lighten the mood. "Okay, okay, nobody I know. But I read about this wizard who didn't loose his virginity until he was seventy-three..." ... no good in telling him that it was to a goat; at least from what I've heard. He lets out a short laugh and then leans back on his hands to look up at the stars. Good, mission accomplished, tension released.

Now, I should perhaps try and tell him something a parental figure would say... Damn, this job is harder than I thought. Oh, okay found something. "And anyway, this isn't a race, you know. One day you'll just do it when you have found someone you trust and like." I deliver this in my best lecture voice but with a bit more force to emphasise the rightness of the statement, I add: "And anybody who tells you otherwise should just go and fu... rther his education." Parental figure, right. Extremely hypocritical parental figure.

He sighs heavily and sits up straighter again. Now he looks absolutely devastated. What did I say now? That was supposed to be encouraging and he seems only sadder. Okay, it's official: I suck at this. Why didn't I let Remus come out here?

I'm sure he'd have done an admirable job and everything could be peachy by now. Problem was, he was bone deep inside Severus and is probably enjoying himself with that wicked tongue of my former arch-enemy. Oh, how things change...

My musings are stopped by Harry's - once again - bitter voice. "But that's just it, isn't it? Even if I did find someone who actually liked me and not The-Boy-Who-Lived, I still couldn't be with him because it'd be far too dangerous."

He is fiddling with the button on one of the pockets of his trousers and while he stares out over the lake, I intently watch him.

-buttoned, unbuttoned, buttoned-

At first I don't know...


...what to say...


...this really isn't...


...something he should...


...have to worry about...


...but of course he is...


...right, any boyfriend...


...of Harry Potter...


...would be a prime target.


He finally leaves the damn button undone and takes a little square packet out of the pocket. Despite my worries, my curiosity is stirred. Then he makes it even more interesting by opening this little packet and taking out a long round thing and another square thing. He does something to the smaller square thing and a flame shoots up which he holds to the round thing that is between his lips.

What is he doing? "What are you doing?"

He looks at me like I just announced that I wanted to marry Fang and then I see the realisation when he understands that I really have no clue what he is doing.

"They are called cigarettes. It calms me down when I smoke one."

I nod, now that is something I've heard of. I'm not as ignorant in Muggle things as my friends always told me. After all I lived with Muggles for a while as a dog. Well, not exactly with Muggles, but in Muggle London. Therefore I'm happy that I'm not a total dunce about this one. "Oh yeah, I've heard about that. What was the stuff called again? Ah, yes Mary Johanna, right?"

He looks at me that way - again. What did I say now? And then he suddenly bursts out laughing. It's definitely good to hear him laugh, after he was so sober before, but I would like it much better if he wasn't laughing at me.

When he finally calms down enough to say a whole sentence, he answers: "No, it's called tobacco. Pot is illegal in Britain!"

What the hell is he talking about now? I feel like in a conversation with Lily all over again. She also always used to throw Muggle words and sayings into her sentences and then laughed at us when we didn't understand what she was talking about. Still, I try my luck again in understanding what he means. "Pot? But you can't smoke a pot. And what do Muggles cook with if they are illegal?"

Why does he look at me like ... that again. It's creeping me out! Okay, I can admit I don't have a clue about Muggle life but that doesn't mean I'm an idiot. I had my flying motor cycle after all, even if my dad was the one who had put all the enchantments on it and knew how to repair it ...

But I never said that I'm not willing to learn. I pluck the half burnt ... zig a rat from between his lips and bring it to my own. Okay, it looked like he just ... sucked on it. I try that and get a stream of the smoke that had just come out of the tip of that ... thing into my mouth and some goes even up into my nose, making my eyes water and my throat tickle. And it tastes absolutely awful! I can't understand how Harry would want to do that!

I give it back to him, still trying to control my coughing fit and Harry just takes another suck, but doesn't even react to it in any way. With my breathing under control again I manage to ask: "How the hell is that supposed to calm you down?" He just laughs again and says: "The act of smoking does. There's something peaceful in just sitting here, with one of those and trying not to think."

Okay, I can see how the not thinking works when the smoke is clustering up your head, but that still seems a very stupid way to go about relaxing. After all you could just use a charm to relax and be back to yourself in less than half an hour.

I still have this terrible taste in my mouth and so I take two Merrit Mingle's Minty Mints out of my pocket. I give one to Harry and after he stubs out the zig a rat, he takes it and pops it into his mouth.

I happily suck on the fizzing drop when it occurs to me that inhaling the smoke - because it certainly looked like he was doing exactly that - can't be healthy.

I mention this to Harry and he freely admits that it can cause cancer and substantially decreases your life expectancy. Now I understand even less why he'd do that, but it is the next confession that absolutely blows me away.

"But I don't really care. I mean, it's not like I expect to survive the final showdown with Voldemort anyway, so at least I won't have to worry about that." All this is delivered in such a disturbing matter-of fact tone that at first I don't know what to say.

I can't promise him that he'll survive because I don't know if he will. But damn it! I should be able to tell him that he'll live! But still I can't bring myself to tell him such a blatant lie!

And this is nothing I can think or talk about at the moment because eventually it'd drive one of us crazy; and so when he lays down on his back to once again gaze up at the stars, I lay down on my side next to him and utter a quiet "Oh, Harry." I know that this is absolutely inadequate, but I don't know what else to do.

But then I have an idea how I can make him feel at least a bit better and how I can make him think about something different.

I lean over and give a gentle and quick kiss to his lips and then lean back a bit to gauge his reaction which at the moment is staring wide eyed at the night sky and moving his lips without uttering a sound.

Then he turns his head to look at me but I am surprised at the anger I see reflected in his eyes. It really seems as if everything I try to make him feel better just backfires and makes everything worse!

While I'm still trying to figure out what I did do wrong now, he tells me: "You should know that I wouldn't want a pity fuck!" in a tone that brooks no argument, even when his eyes are still blazing with hurt and anger.

I try to lighten the situation by saying light-heartedly: "I never said anything about fucking." And grin. Oh, he's rolling his eyes, must mean that this isn't working either...

"Pity snogging then!"

Okay, humour isn't going to work, let's try with throwing his own words back at him. Used to work with my mum all the time when she was furious with me. "Harry, you know, what I feel for you is definitely not pity. You know that I respect and admire the way you react to everything that's been thrown at you." I continue looking into his eyes and they are softening a bit. Good. I really want to bring this across and not only so he won't be pissed off anymore but because I really think this way and want to show Harry that there is a lot he can feel good for about himself.

And now part B: "And you just said you wanted somebody to like you and not just your image. You know that I like you just the way you are and I just wanted to make you feel better because you are my friend and because I wanted you to enjoy yourself. Of course, you don't have to do anything, I just wanted to let you know that you have this option." And really what normal seventeen-year-old would refuse the offer to lose his virginity he had just been bemoaning?

He looks at me searchingly. I don't really know what he is looking for but he seems to find it because eventually he nods. Then he leans on his forearm and presses his lips against mine.

Mmmh, they are nice and soft and there are definitely worse lips I could be kissing. It gets even better when he finally opens his mouth and our tongues twine together. I'm not sure if the virgin issue is only about sex but also about kissing, so I try to take it nice and slow. I spend several minutes just enjoying the softness of his mouth while the rest of my body doesn't take part in the action, no matter how much it wants to.

I am determined to take this as slowly as he needs and there is nothing that can convince me otherwise. So, I keep my hands to myself and wait for him to start the exploring. He is always so curious, surely it won't take too long... I desperately hope so, because with every passing second it gets harder to keep my hands to myself and from his body.

And then his hands connect with my skin at last. He starts slowly by putting them around my neck and combing through my hair and running it up and down my cloth-clad back. Now, I also allow myself to do similar things to him and I can feel the vibration of a moan when I accidentally touch the bare skin of his back.

This seems enough to encourage him to start taking of my robes. And now I am also sure that he has at least done this part before. As nobody can have the way to breath during a sheer endless kiss as down pat as he has, during their first kiss.

Oh, he already finished unbuttoning my robe and I didn't even notice it. Must be the way his skin is feeling under my fingertips. So smooth... I almost wish I could spend this whole time doing nothing but going up and down his back. But it seems that Harry has different ideas. He is continually pushing my robes back from my shoulders and when I sit up a bit, they fall off.

I move a bit and lie down on my back. Way more comfortable this way. Harry is now lying at my side, propped up on one arm and he eventually parts our lips. I groan at the loss but then make a contended noise when his mouth moves lower on my torso and starts kissing my chest and stomach.

While I'm enjoying his ministrations, he suddenly comes back up and looks at me. "Are you okay?"

I lazily open my eyes and think that I was until he stopped. I look into his questioning eyes and wonder. "Yes, why are you asking?"

He blushes a bit but finally answers me. "Because you are not doing anything. You know, you don't have to do anything you don't want to." He smiles softly as if trying to remind me that I just said those words to him not ten minutes ago.

"I want to. It's just that I don't want you to feel uncomfortable or rushed. I only wanted to let you set the pace." I try to explain myself and suddenly see understanding in his eyes and he starts to grin.

"You know, I may be weird that way but I like it better if my lover isn't lying there like a corpse."

Oh, okay. I can understand that. To show him I nod and then push my lips against his again. This time my hands go straight for his shirt and I pull it over his head. I will never understand why he chooses to wear this complicated Muggle clothing instead of easier robes. Sure, you have all the buttons to undo, but at least it's only one part and once that is off you usually only have to be worried about getting off the underwear.

Instead with his clothes you sometimes have layer after layer of clothes and all these complicated clasps. Like this one now, where I'm trying to get his trousers off. I managed to get the button undone but then there is only some strange metal contraption.

I carefully push Harry off of me and roll him onto his back to have a closer look at this damned thing. I can see a very distinct bulge under his trousers and that sight definitely doesn't help me to find out how to get to the flesh underneath.

I look up at Harry with a questioning expression, hoping to make him understand my problem without actually having to display my ignorance.

When he notices that I am not doing anything anymore, he finally looks up at me with an expression that must be similar to the one I am wearing.

He leans up on both of his elbows and takes in my crouched position next to his hips. A few moments later he looks like he put two and two together ... and got four.

And then he actually throws his head back and laughs! I can't believe he'd laugh at me in a situation like this!

Ah, looks like he realised as well that it shows extremely bad manners and he tries to apologise through his chuckles that still try to break through. "Sorry,... Sirius... but that look... like a zipper... was the biggest riddle in... the ... world." And he collapses into laughter again.

Okay, that's it. Time to teach this puppy a few manners. I pick him up into my arms easily and wonder how, despite my best efforts at stuffing him, he still looks and feels way too skinny.

He lets out a squeak when he leaves the ground and slings his arms around my neck. I quickly carry him over to the lake and unceremoniously drop him into the water. Stupid trousers and all.

After a second or two, he comes up spluttering and swearing and tries to regain his equilibrium in the almost waist deep water.

He can consider himself lucky that we aren't at the other side of the lake where the water is much shallower. Then he wouldn't only be soaking wet but bruised as well.

Eventually, he stands up and I immediately let my thoughts of revenge go when I see the way he looks in the little moon light there is. His skin looks almost translucent this way and for once his hair is sticking to his head instead of away from it.

When he pulls himself out of the water and stands again, he quickly takes off the rest of his clothes. I try to see how he undoes this metal thing but it looks like he just moves his hand in front of it and I can hear a faint metallic sound. Then suddenly his trousers are open and my mind moves elsewhere. He sheds his trousers and underwear with a bit of a fight because of the wetness and when he stands up, I can only look at him.

I idly wonder, how it can be that I am going to get the honour of deflowering this beautiful boy... or man? I'm not really sure but at the moment it doesn't really seem to matter. And even though and especially because he is too skinny and pale and looks a bit like a drowned poodle, he is just perfect. Seeing him there, I instantly forgive him fully for laughing at me and only want to take him into my arms and kiss him senseless.

Actually, when I think about - well, as much as can at this moment - there is really no use in denying that urge, so I stride over to him and pull him into my arms. When our mouths meet, his hands go directly to the waistband of my underwear and start pulling it down. He has a bit of difficulty because of my growing arousal that is caused by just looking at him and feeling him in my arms. When he finally manages to get my boxers down to my thighs, I move a bit and they fall down to the ground.

At first, I try to keep my hands from touching him, still holding back a little to keep me from rushing him into anything. But it seems like he doesn't mind moving a bit faster. His hands grip my hips to thrust them against his own. We moan in unison and he slowly guides me backwards and lowers both of us to the grass.

I'm again running my hands up and down his back but now I dare to go a bit lower and cup his arse. He wriggles delightedly on top of me and I really can't believe that he is doing this for the first time. So far I've only seen virgins who are at least somewhat scared and here he is the taking the initiative.

When he starts again thrusting our hips together, I decide to stop trying to evaluate every move he makes and instead settle on raising the stakes a bit. I push his shoulders, indicating that he should move a bit and while he looks confused, I go over to my robes and get my wand out of one of the pockets.

When he sees that his confusion disappears. Interesting to know that while he has no practical experience, he at least knows the theory well enough to recognise my intentions. I, however, am not really sure who of us should be on top or bottom but again he takes that decision out of my hands by rolling onto his stomach and spreading his legs.

There is really something quite delicious about looking at him like this. Until tonight I never really thought I'd ever see him that way but still it feels absolutely natural.

I move to kneel atop his thighs and he gives a little, contended sigh. I start with dropping kisses along his spine to relax him and I'm sure I'm doing a way better job than those kick a rat he smoked before. When I hear him humming low in his throat, I cast a little charm to coat my hands with lube and slowly make my way towards his opening.

My cock is rock hard and seems to be straining towards him but I try to keep my head and slowly prepare him, fully intend on making his first time as enjoyable as humanly possible. After I stretched him up to taking three of my fingers inside him, he starts wriggling around again impatiently and I decide that all preparation is enough. I smooth the rest of the lube on my cock and keep his arsecheeks apart with my hands.

When I first enter him, he tenses and I try to take it as slowly as possible. He starts relaxing when I cease moving for a moment. It suddenly occurs to me that this usually isn't the best position for somebody's first time and I push myself up a bit and grip his hip and pull him with me to indicate that he should get up on his knees.

He does so and it really is an extremely arousing sight to see him with his head on his arms and his arse in the air. While I'm still marvelling at the nice slope of his back and the straining of his arm muscles, he starts to wriggle impatiently and makes slow thrusting motions. I take the lead from him to start moving and during our building excitement, I hear him making the most interesting noises.

From little squeaks that would put a mouse to shame to animalistic groans that make the hairs on my neck stand up, he covers a whole palette of sounds. This gets me even closer to orgasm than I already am and so I sneak my hand around him to close it around his cock and speed him along a bit.

Almost the moment that I touch him, he climaxes and after a few more thrusts into him, I follow. I roll to the side to keep my weight of his form and he collapses against me sideways. I spoon against him and hear a sleepy: "''s nice.". I chuckle and he snuggles further into me.

I vaguely realise that it probably wouldn't be the best idea to fall asleep here but my legs won't co-operate when my brain tells them to move and so I decide that a few minutes of sleep surely wouldn't hurt...
Did you enjoy the story? Was there anything you think I could do better? Please, let me know!
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