Promises and Fantasies


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May 22, 2004

Harry Potter Fan Fics

Ginny wants to try something new. Will Harry go along with it?
For the 'Chicks With Dicks' challenge on andropotterist. Thank you to my beta lyricalnights! Any remaining mistakes are my own.

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He could feel the material of the silk scarf on his chest, trailing over his nipples, and hot breath on his neck, just before that sinful mouth descended once again. Then suddenly both stimulations disappeared, leaving Harry cold and wanting.

"Gin... Ginny?"

"Yes, Harry?" The voice was sweet, a voice he had known for years. Still, in this situation, in this position, it suddenly had a very sinister quality. How could she sound so innocent when she currently had him on his knees, naked; eyes, legs and hands bound?

"What are you planning?" His voice sounded strained, but he didn't care. He had been in this position for at least half an hour now and his legs were starting to cramp. At the moment he didn't even care about an orgasm anymore, he just wanted to be able to relax his muscles. But he had agreed to this little fantasy of Ginny's and he knew that he wouldn't go back on his word.

"Shh." A small finger was laid across his lips. "No talking. You will see." A quick nip at his earlobe and then he only felt the bed moving behind him, noises of a wooden box opening and closing and then more movement on the bed. The heat coming from Ginny's body came closer again and almost unconsciously Harry tried to strain in that direction.

Then he felt Ginny's skin pressing against his back from shoulders to hips, her breasts pushing into his shoulder blades and something digging into the small of his back. Harry gave a small lurch forward and a yelp when he felt the unusual sensation. Surely she wouldn't...?

But she did. She slowly started to move her body up and down in a cat-like manner, staying in full contact with him all the time. Harry had known about her fascination with cocks. Hell, she had six brothers and from childhood on had always wanted to be like them. But that she would want to... Merlin.

Harry swallowed. The question was, did he want to? He knew that Ginny would let him go back on his promise if he really wanted to - even if he would have to do a hell of a lot to make it up to her - but what was it he wanted?

He tried to concentrate on the strange sensation of having something cock-like rubbing there - and where had she got that thing anyway? - tried not to think about where she wanted to put it - and if it was a girl doing this, it wouldn't mean he was gay if he let her, right?

Ginny only continued her movements and from second to second Harry got more used to the feeling, started to enjoy it even. He relaxed a bit from his tense posture and leaned back against Ginny, instead of away from her.

He could feel her breath against his ear, softly blowing strands of hair forth and back. "All right, Harry?"

He tensed for one more moment, then gave a jerky nod. He was going to do this for his wife. After all there were guys who enjoyed it, so it couldn't be that bad. He hoped.

Still, he couldn't quite get all the tension out of his body and so he jumped a little - he couldn't jump very far anyway, the way he was trussed up - when Ginny touched his hole. Was she just going to stick it in? He might not know a great deal about this, but wasn't there supposed to be some preparation?

Then he felt oily liquid touching him there and something that had to be her finger, not the cock she was using. Damn, the finger already felt big enough, how was the other thing supposed to fit? He could feel her circling around his hole and the sensation was more peculiar than arousing or even frightening. He could feel it going round a few more times and at the same time as he was wondering if she wasn't worried about getting anything - inappropriate - onto her fingers, she moved inside him.

It felt not quite as he had expected it. For one there was no pain, but only a strange pressure. He tensed his muscle back there and could tell that her finger was inside him and then she started to move out and back in a bit and wasn't that the height of weirdness?

Harry almost wanted to tell her to stop because he had to use the toilet, but then figured that it only was his imagination and it was in fact Ginny's finger that felt like that. He tried to get over that strange feeling by simply concentrating on something different: the way his and Ginny's breath echoed throughout the room, the way the scarf around his hands lightly dug into his wrists and started to hurt...

He was thrown out of his exercise when Ginny loosened the ties around his feet and pushed them apart. Harry willingly moved them even further apart, first balancing on one knee, then the other, glad to be able to stretch a bit.

She suddenly pulled her finger out. And while Harry wasn't exactly disappointed that she had stopped, he was still curious as to why she had. He might have started to enjoy this after all.

But then she was back, with what felt like two fingers and this time she plunged right back in, no slow pushing... and oh, shit! That felt good! Harry threw his head back, mouth wide open gasping for breath. How had he never known there was a fuse for fireworks in his arse?

Ginny touched that again, and he moaned, loudly. In fact he could feel the moan rolling over his vocal cords, leaving his mouth and rebounding back to his ears. This was unbelievable!

Why had he never done this before? Of course, there was the whole fact that he wasn't gay, but...damn. "Ready?" Harry nodded quickly, giving her no reason to stop - or at least he hoped so - and, right. She didn't stop. She took her fingers out for a second, but then there she was again. Pushing, this time carefully and slowly and he couldn't believe that it fit, but it did and it felt good.

He started when he felt her breasts against his back once again and realised she had to be fully inside him. With a small push at his shoulders and a steadying hand, she made him lie down on his right shoulder, hands still tied behind his back, breath flowing against the pillow in hot gusts of air.

She pressed a quick kiss between his shoulders and then straightened up. She was moving out and he clenched around her, not wanting to let her go, but then when she came back in it was so bloody good!

His panting breaths dampened his face and he couldn't help but let out moans and groans and syllables that somehow didn't make sense but were extremely important to get out.

There she went again, in and out, faster and faster, harder and harder, slapping against his arse and levitating him to the next plane. At least that was what it felt like. Then, when she snaked her hand around him and stroked his cock, pushing even quicker into him and stroking in front of him, it was too much.

He came with a low howl and a slurred "Fuck." and seconds after him, he could hear Ginny's gasp and she landed on his back. Her artificial cock still inside him. He knew he was grinning stupidly. This had been incredible. Never mind that his wrists were sore and his legs cramped and his hole burned... they were really going to have to do that again sometime.
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