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May 15, 2004

Harry Potter Fan Fics

Harry is watching Bill. Or is Bill watching Harry? Sequel to Grown Up and Behind the Shed.
Warning: voyeurism, sexual competition
Many, many thanks to my beta tafkah who made this a much better piece of fiction.

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Harry entered the kitchen, early morning sun playing across his naked flesh and a smile on his face. "Morning, Bill."

When he greeted back, Bill again admired how somebody so young could be so confident in his body. Without a care in the world, Harry walked over to the kitchen counter and started to pour some milk into a bowl.

He added corn flakes and then turned around, still smiling and spooning the mash into his mouth. Instead of sitting at the table like Bill, he stayed there, just looking at Bill, taking in the sight before him. Bill couldn't help but feel a bit uncomfortable under the intense gaze. He was only wearing a towel, and even though he certainly didn't feel shy about his body, the intensity of Harry's gaze could have made anybody feel uneasy.

But he certainly enjoyed watching Harry in return. So much in fact, he almost forgot the breakfast in front of him. He rather liked thinking about a different kind of breakfast, after their different kind of dinner last night... not to mention the midnight snack.

Since Harry had moved in with him, Bill had had as much sex as never before in his life. He seemed to be constantly horny. Which wasn't a surprise considering Harry almost always ran around naked in their flat. It really was quite indecent.

He loved it.

Bill grinned back at Harry, clearly inviting him to do something about the pose he had struck. His hip leant against the counter, the bowl of cereals covered parts of his chest, but everything below his navel was clearly visible. The piercing in Harry's stomach blinked in the sunlight, and Bill couldn't wait until he could explore it with his tongue again. Or maybe the other one in Harry's nipple. Or the new tattoo of a scorpion Harry had on his left hip.

The tattoo seemed to be looking at him, tail raised in obvious agitation, daring Bill to suck the skin until it turned red and then apologise with gentle licks. He would do that later, thanks to magical healing potions.

His attention turned back to Harry's face when Harry started to laugh. He noticed that his interest had become very obvious with only his small towel as cover. His first instinct was to hide himself, which was stupid considering it was only the two of them.

Then he knew what to do about Harry's bout of hilarity. He was going to have to show him that he wasn't the only one affected by their staring competition.

He lifted his arse off the chair and snatched the towel away. His erection seemed to be preening itself in the sunlight, and he could hear Harry laugh again when it twitched in the warm air.

Bill growled at Harry in mock indignation. Harry only laughed harder at that; but finally, when their gazes met, Bill could feel somthing clicking between them. Harry raised his left eyebrow, Bill following with his right.

The unspoken bets where off when Bill slowly stroked down his chest. He watched Harry watching him, still eating breakfast as if he wasn't just being seduced. He reached his left nipple. He squeezed and twisted it just the way he liked, absently reminding himself that he had wanted to see about getting a piercing similar to Harry's.

He made a show of throwing his head back, thrusting his chest forward, making the motions of his finger all the more explicit. It felt incredible. He could almost feel Harry's eyes on him, egging him on to stretch that bit further to make that one more twirling motion with his fingers.

While he was still touching his nipple and slowly losing his mind to the arousal rushing through him, his right hand moved further down, grazing his stomach muscles and finally reaching the thatch of reddish hair there.

He moved his fingers through the wiry hairs, combing them one way, then the other. His fingers finally grasped his cock, which twitched in his hand. He opened his eyes and looked at his lover.

Harry had stopped eating and instead had sat down on the counter. He was watching Bill's every move, and his own cock was hard with interest. There was no mistaking the look in his eyes. Bill had seen lust in them so often he had lost count, but seldom had it been so unrestrained and... wicked.

He smiled at Harry and quickened his movements. He moved his left hand down to his crotch as well, cupping his balls and slowly rolling them around. The soft and smooth sac felt heavenly against his callused fingers.

His right hand continued to stroke up and down, sometimes adding a swirling motion at the top and pulling back his foreskin with every movement. He could feel himself getting closer to the edge, but he didn't want to fall over it yet.

He knew he had one more surprise for Harry. He threw one last look at him, making sure he was watching every movement.

Then he bent forward and took the tip of his cock into his mouth. He moaned around himself when old memories were brought back by the feeling of his own soft skin in his mouth. Memories of long hours of exploration behind the curtains at Hogwarts, memories of his first taste of semen and his ensuing fascination with it. He hadn't done this a lot since he had started to have regular lovers, but he wasn't so rusty as to not be able to do this anymore.

He was going to show Harry. He started to wriggle his tongue against the head of his cock, feeling his long hair fall over his shoulders and shading him from the sun. He lapped at the little precome that was there and quickly took a few sucks, before he had to right himself again. This was more comfortable when he was lying down. But when he looked up he could see that it had had the intended effect on Harry.

He grinned as he returned to stroking his cock. He was sure to win. Even from the distance, he could see Harry's dilated eyes and the rapid rising and falling of his chest. Harry's hands were still placed on the counter to either side of him, but from time to time Bill could see them quivering, no doubt trying to reach for Harry's erection.

Now he would only have to make Harry lose it enough that it would be impossible for him to keep from touching himself.

Bill closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall. He moved right to the edge of the seat, spread his legs and started to work in earnest. His right hand was on his cock again, left hand playing with his balls, sometimes stretching down to lightly play with his hole.

He could feel Harry's eyes on him and worked harder at getting himself off and Harry out of control. Quick, hard strokes that brought him so close to orgasm, he could almost feel it washing over him already.

Then he could feel it rushing through his body. Hot and cold and shivery, like the explosion of one of Fred and George's Season Crackers on his insides. He arched his back once more and milked more drops from his cock. One last squirt, a small dribble, one drop, his sticky fingers still stroking softening flesh, and then he stopped.

He stayed propped against the wall, still breathing heavily, bathing in the afterglow of his eruption, only slowly calming down his breathing. Finally he opened his eyes, staring at the white ceiling for a moment, then looking at Harry.

Now that he had had his release, he wasn't worried about sitting in his kitchen stark naked anymore; there was nothing to care about but the sight before him. Harry, his cock standing proudly against his stomach, was still looking at him.

He wasn't touching himself.

Bill felt a small pang of disappointment, but then he lost himself in watching Harry once again. He could look at him for hours if he had the time. Watching Harry puttering around the flat, going into the kitchen to make himself something to eat; arse muscles moving whenever he shifted his weight; his cock swinging contrary to the direction he was moving in, especially when he was dancing to some inaudible music; his shoulder muscles working under the skin when he was cutting a fruit.

He loved the sight of Harry stretching up and getting a bowl from the top shelf. That way he could once again admire the lean form of him, muscles stretched, cleanly shaved arm pits inviting him to explore them. Over the last months he had come to love that feeling against his tongue. No hair getting into his mouth, no stubble scratching his skin; simply soft skin.

Then when Harry turned around... the way the little nipple bar blinked in the early sun and how Harry's flat stomach twinkled with the surface bar he had there. And since Friday the black of Harry's tattoo beckoning him.

Bill brought himself forcibly out of his own memories and focused instead on the way Harry looked this morning. His hair was still rumpled from sleep, and he looked absolutely delectable.

Bill's gaze went further down, still surprised by the unfamiliar sight of a hairless crotch. He knew that Harry used a spell to slow his hair growth and save on shaving time, but it still shocked him for a moment every time he saw that the hair hadn't grown back after several days. Harry usually didn't shave his pubic hair, he said he enjoyed the hair leading from his navel to his dick too much, and only did it when they played with cock rings.

Bill smiled when he remembered their last escapade in that area. He hadn't been able to take his eyes off Harry's crotch for the whole evening they had been out, knowing that he wasn't wearing anything but a few leather straps and metal rings underneath. Their dinner had been cut pretty short, and Bill had taken Harry against the wall as soon as they had closed the door of their flat behind them.

Letting his eyes wander further, he noticed something, he had never seen before. It looked adorable. Right next to Harry's dick was a little mole that seemed to wink at him. He grinned. He was going to have to investigate that further, later on.

Right now, he was content just watching. The morning sun cut a sharp beam through the open kitchen window, and a cool breeze wafted through the room. All of this only added to the picture of freedom and lack of concern Harry was projecting.

He turned around again towards Bill, leaned against the counter and grinned at him. He took one last spoonful of soggy corn flakes and said: "See anything you like?" His eyes crinkled with his full-fledged smile, and the tone of his voice suggested that he obviously didn't expect a verbal answer.

Bill was looking forward to what Harry would try to beat him with.

He avidly followed the downward movement Harry's hand was making. The idea of Harry touching himself was almost as erotic as if Bill was touching him. Simply incredible. And he was going to get a live show!

Bill groaned in unison with Harry when he put his hand around his cock. Bill felt shivers going down his spine watching his uninhibited lover, and even his spent cock twitched in interest. Harry was going to make him break some record in how many times a thirty-one-year old man could come. And damn, he was looking forward to it.

Harry started to stroke himself slowly, his head leaned back, seeming to simply enjoy himself. But in the way he specifically angled his hips and hand in Bill's direction, Bill could see he was well aware of the fact that he was putting on a show.

And what a show it was! Bill didn't even want to blink in case he missed one of the careful movements, the delicious twists and small flutters of eyelids, the breathy moans and barely visible shudders. Almost against his will, his right hand moved toward his own cock again, intent on coaxing it back into hardness. At the last moment, upon noticing a sly grin coming to Harry's face, he snatched it away again. He was not going to lose this competition.

No matter how much he wanted to touch himself or this absolutely delectable body in front of him.

Harry was now touching himself with his other hand as well. He was twisting his pierced nipple and sighing, sticking two fingers into his mouth to thoroughly wet them and then he moved them around that nipple again. Bill really was going to have to look into getting a piercing as well, if the sighs and breathy moans coming from Harry were any indication of how good it felt.

The sounds went from his earsstraight into his cock, and he could barely keep himself from rushing over there, sinking to his knees and taking Harry's leaking cock into his mouth. But he held himself in check and just watched.

Again, Harry moved his hand lower, fingers spreading over his stomach muscles, breath hitching. He looked at Bill. And grinned.

Bill snatched his hand away from his own cock at the last second and decided that sitting on them might be the only possibility to win this. But no, he would not lose to his lover, who was more than ten years younger than him. No way in hell!

But he also couldn't look away. That would be as good as admitting defeat anyway, and so he followed Harry's movements: Right hand around his cock, left hand cradling his balls, all of it moving... moving him further to completion and Bill to the edge of his seat.

Harry's legs were spread, showing tanned thighs with well-developed muscles beneath; warm Egyptian sun not reaching far enough to show Bill all he wanted to see. He swallowed, trying to wet his increasingly dry mouth.

He wasn't going to be able to stand this much longer. He needed to see more... hear more, he needed to...

He gave a disappointed moan when Harry stopped all movement and only looked at Bill.

If he was reading his face right - and he was pretty sure he was - it had cost Harry quite a bit to stop now. Then he noticed what exactly Harry was looking at. He looked down at his own lap, a surprised gasp escaping him when he saw his hand clenched around his cock, moving fitfully.

He stopped.

Looking back up at Harry, he could see a satisfied grin stretching his face. Bill's stomach flipped at the sight, making staying seated even more difficult.

Harry pushed himself off the counter, and the only thing Bill could think was 'finally'; but Harry didn't come over to him. He stayed right where he was, just turning around and leaning against the counter, stretching his hand out, waiting for his wand to fly into it.

It came whistling through the air and hit Harry's palm with a quiet slap.

For a second Bill wondered what Harry was planning now - he had already won after all - but then he was distracted by the sight in front of him and the feelings his own movements caused him.

Harry bent over the counter, finally giving Bill the view he had wanted. Hairless skin stretching before his eyes, puckered opening winking at him.

Bill's hand was moving up and down his cock almost of its own accords and he could feel his stomach muscles tighten with the impending orgasm. He forced himself to slow down, to enjoy the show Harry was obviously preparing for him. He slowed down and started using a twisting motion instead of head-on good old direct stimulation, hoping to make himself last longer.

Even so, he could feel himself getting closer to release, sweat breaking out over his body, quickly cooling him in the beginning heat of the day. All of this only watching Harry lubricating his fingers, and teasing his hole with one of them.

His thigh muscles were strained in the unusual position, spasming from time to time, adding to the picture of pure sex Harry presented.

Finally he moved one finger inside himself, the uncomfortable position only allowing him a certain depth, but he still started thrusting hard, quickly adding a second finger. Then, with a disappointed moan from himself and Bill, he pulled his fingers out and instead gripped his wand. Bill could hear mumbled words and watched, fascinated, as Harry's head flew back and his hips thrust forward. He groaned, and when Bill looked further down, he could see Harry's hole stretched, pulsing from time to time, looking like it was being fucked by an invisible cock

Bill barely had time for the realisation before his orgasm shot through him, leaving his right hand hurting from the frenzied motion and the rest of his body in a post-orgasmic haze. He slowly came back down from his climax and slumped back against the chair. Now that his own arousal had disappeared Bill was content to just watch Harry writing, bucking his hips and groaning this close to orgasm.

Absent-mindedly, he licked the come off his fingers, enjoying the little sparks this sent through his body along with the incredible view before him, without really arousing himNow he could appreciate the purely aesthetic value of Harry's performance.

With a last shudder and groan, he could also see Harry finishing himself off, slumping on the counter, breathing heavily.

Only after several minutes did his lover manage to pick himself up, and he slowly turned around to face Bill.

Bill looked at the flushed, sweaty face in front of him, and the only thing he could do about the ridiculousness of the situation was to laugh. Two grown men competing over who could force the other to bring himself off. He felt the laughter bubbling up in his stomach, felt his lips twitching into a grin... watching Harry's face going through similar motions... and then with a small snort from Harry, they both started to laugh.

Bill bent over for a moment to get his breath back, but then he couldn't stand the distance anymore. He wanted to be close to Harry.

With three quick steps he was in front of Harry, saw his laughing face only inches from his own, could feel the heat coming from Harry's body.

They were both splattered with semen, but Bill paid no attention to that when he crushed his lips and body against Harrys.

He drew Harrys tongue into his mouth, playing with it as if it was the first time, enjoying the heat of the sun's rays that hit them through the open window.
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