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February 7, 2005

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Bill wants Harry to relax. Harry cannot relax while hiking. 

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Main Entry: me-sa
Function: noun
Etymology: Spanish, literally, table, from Latin mensa
: an isolated relatively flat-topped natural elevation usually more extensive than a butte and less extensive than a plateau; also : a broad terrace with an abrupt slope on one side : BENCH
"Do you need a hand up?"

"No, I'm fine!" Harry called back and groped along the wall to get a hold of something. He didn't want to admit it, but this last part of their trip wasn't as much fun as he thought it would be. But he would not need any help from Bill. Really, he had defeated Voldemort, he could defeat this stupid 50 feet climb.

Finally, his left hand touched the rough edge of stone and he hastily took hold of it. He only needed five more feet and he would be all the way up anyway. And he wouldn't have needed Bill's help. Ha! And the next time they would go somewhere where he could take his broom. Stupid planes anyway. And stupid tourists.

They had almost walked into a group of them the day before and that even though this really was about as far away from civilisation as they could get.

Muggles could only visit here with a guide, but that was one of the advantages of being a wizard. If bad came to worse it only took an emergency Apparition and perhaps a bad case of magical exhaustion to rescue yourself. Not to mention that having a Parselmouth along was always good in case of meeting any of the tropical inhabitants that perhaps weren't as thrilled at meeting new life forms as others were. Not that it helped any against some of the population with more legs.

With a little push, Harry finally heaved himself over the edge of the mesa Roraima. The grinning face of Bill awaited him and he grinned back, flush with the knowledge that he made it without any help, not at all like a helpless beginner. He didn't care about the hair sticking to his head, or the little insects buzzing around him, or the heat under his beige trousers and shirt that no cooling charm could absorb.

Then warm arms circled around him, pulling him close and turned him around.

Harry breath stopped somewhere in his throat. The view was unbelievable. Green as far as the eye could see, only small brown gaps where other mesas rose into the sky. The world was lying at their feet. And not a soul in sight. Harry breathed deeply, and then turned around in Bill's embrace.

"Thank you. I really needed this."

Bill kissed his nose lightly. He said, "you're welcome, you know that," and pulled Harry with him to a safer distance from the edge.

Harry went with him happily. The heat didn't matter anymore; he didn't even notice the sweat sticking to his skin. He only felt. Strong arms around him, nothing but the sky and earth for both of them, no Voldemort, no Ministry, no adoring fans, no daunting tasks. Harry let out another deep breath, puffing against Bill's shirt and relaxed for the first time in forever.

The kiss didn't catch him by surprise. He was so relaxed; he didn't think anything could have surprised him. He opened his mouth slowly, finally enjoying the motions again when he didn't have to fear that this would be their last kiss, that he had to make this one memorable, because he would perhaps never get another chance again. If this kiss wasn't perfect, it didn't matter because the next one or the one after would be and this was what made it perfect.

Tongues sliding against each other, wetting his dried mouth, sparking cells in his brain, short-circuiting them. He pushed Bill back and down, wanting to lie down, to not have to focus on staying upright, to finally let go of that last bit of tension. And Bill went willingly.

Harry landed on him with a happy sound and eventually pulled his mouth from Bill's. He smiled at the face below him. "I sometimes really didn't think I'd make it up here," he admitted, which somehow wasn't as bad now that he had done it. He was proud of himself and now he knew that this had been just what he needed.

Bill's eyes sparkled when he answered, "so, you won't be angry when I tell you that there is a footpath up here, will you?"

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