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February 6, 2005

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Hermione learns new words every day.

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Main Entry: la-con-ic
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin laconicus Spartan, from Greek lakOnikos; from the Spartan reputation for terseness of speech
: using or involving the use of a minimum of words : concise to the point of seeming rude or mysterious
synonym see CONCISE

"Hermione, close the book while you're eating. You will spill something on it."

Hermione tugged on her braid. "I just need to finish this page, mum."

"Then wait with eating until you are finished."

"Yes, mum." She pushed the bowl of cereals to the left and pulled her book forward. Her mum was talking again; Hermione looked up, then realised that her mum was speaking to her dad.

"Remember that the Richardsons cancelled their appointment for four today. You can buy some groceries while I pick up Hermione from school."


"Don't forget to get more milk and apples. We're almost out."


Hermione giggled quietly. She knew what would happen now. Her dad always gave very short answers and it annoyed her mum. She tried to finish the rest of the page, but her parents continued talking. Her eyes were going from the one to the other. She really didn't understand why they were always - what was the word she had learned yesterday? - squabbling.

"The list is on the fridge."


"Andrew! Have you heard a word of what I said?"

"Yes, dear. I'm to pick up groceries while you get Hermione and not forget milk and apples and the shopping list is on the fridge."

"Well. Why didn't you say so right from the beginning?"

"I did."

"All you said was mhh!" Hermione put the book away and pulled her bowl close again. She already knew what was coming now. She took a spoonful of cereal and chewed.

"You know that means yes."

"I know that is an intelligible syllable that you can certainly not find in any dictionary."

"You also know I like to by concise. Why use a hundred words when you can just as well say everything you need with one?"

"Your laconic answers are going to be the death of me."


Hermione pulled the spoon out of her mouth and giggled again when her dad winked at her. Then she swallowed and turned to her mum. "What does laconic mean?" She knew there were new words to learn every day.
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