Grown Up


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January 12, 2004

Harry Potter Fan Fics

Harry catches Bill while he is sunbathing. PWP. Prequel to Behind the Shed and Observations.
Thanks to my wonderful beta Moirae!

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"Hi Bill!" At my call he opened his eyes that had been closed against the hot July sun and blinked up at me. "Do you mind if I lie down here?" He shook his head and gave me a small smile while I started making myself comfortable.

The Burrow was deserted for the day--Ron was at his test for Auror training, Mrs. Weasley and Ginny were in Diagon Alley, and the others were at work. I had decided against reading Quidditch Through The Ages for the thousandth time and instead opted for sunbathing.

While spreading out a towel, I enviously looked over at Bill. He was lying there in only his shorts and I wondered if I would ever get a tan like him. Even his red hair and consequently pale complexion didn't seem to have had a chance against the Egyptian sun. And even though I had spent the biggest part of my holidays outside, I was nowhere near as tanned as he was. I wondered out loud whether I had a better chance at getting a tan if I lived in Egypt as well.

And in answer I heard him chuckle. When I finally got rid of my shirt and shoes, and laid down next to him, he responded to my implied question. "You should have seen me before I went there. I was paler than Percy. And the first few months were torture because no matter what I did, I'd get one sunburn after the other." He let out a sigh. "But now I always miss the sun when I'm in Britain and try to catch what little there is here.

By now he had closed his eyes again and I could basically see the relaxing effect the sun was having on him. I closed my eyes as well and laid back. Just when the spots of the sun began dancing on the inside of my eyelids, I decided to turn onto my stomach and soon I could feel sweat running down my back. I wished I could take off my shorts so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting a tan line, or feeling uncomfortable in damp shorts. But on the other hand, I really didn't want Mrs. Weasley to catch me out here buck naked, not to mention that Bill would perhaps feel uncomfortable. Except, of course, if all the stories Ron had told me about him were true, he’d probably enjoy the view.

Anyway, that didn't seem to be a problem at the moment as he was snoring lightly. I joined him moments later without carrying out my idea about getting rid of my shorts.

I woke up when the sun was already on its way towards the horizon and found Bill still sleeping next to me. I decided to see if anybody was back yet and get something to drink while I was inside. The house was nice and cool and still as empty as I had left it. I had a bite to eat in the kitchen and returned minutes later, carrying two ice-cold glasses of pumpkin juice, only to find that Bill still hadn't moved.

I sat down carefully as to not spill anything and then put one of the glasses lightly against his back, just to snatch it away again when he shot up like being attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. He looked around wildly for a few seconds and then scowled when he saw me laughing. But soon enough he joined me in the laughter and we sat together companionably on the ground, each of us sipping the cold liquid and looking at the other from time to time. After a while he broke the silence.

"You know, you've grown up quite a bit since I last saw you at the Tri-Wizard Tournament." His voice had a certain sultry quality and he was looking me over carefully. His gaze gave me a small shiver down my back.

When I regained my senses, I wondered for a second about where that look had come from, and then I stared at him and replied dryly: "It's called puberty. I'm sure you've heard of it."

Of course, there was probably more to his statement than just my natural physical changes, and soon my thoughts were confirmed when he gestured at my torso and said: "That's not all I meant and you know it." Blinding grin. "I was more talking about your decorations. I really never pictured the shy Harry Potter I met to be one for permanent body jewellery."

I nodded. He was right, of course, and it was strange to meet somebody who only knew the old Harry.

After two years, everybody I interacted with was used to the real me, and my outward signs of changes, which were a bar through my left nipple and one under my navel. But of course, for Bill, whom I hadn't seen since fourth year, it must have been quite a surprise. Therefore I decided to give him the short version of the last two years.

"After Voldemort was defeated in my sixth year, I was glad to see that some of the hubbub around being the Boy-Who-Lived died down. After all, I hadn't been the one to kill him and so I finally had a chance to find out what I wanted to do. And that without any outward pressure of people who didn't even know me." I grinned. "And these two beauties-" I gestured at my piercings. "-are just something that I had wanted before but really never had the guts to get. I had always been afraid that it would somehow land in the paper and my sexuality certainly wasn't something I wanted to deal with being gossipped about in the papers."

Bill nodded understandingly and didn't ask any further and so, after I finished my drink, I laid down again. I comfortably stretched my arms above my head and was bemused about the slow whistling sound I heard coming from my neighbour.

At first I didn't think anything about it, but when I looked up, I saw Bill staring at me - again. He was looking at me with a peculiar expression on his face. When I tried to remember what I could have done to make him look that way, he interrupted my thoughts. "You shave your armpits?"

O...kay, here it comes again. The usual are-you-a-freak? speech. I tried to stay calm and just shrugged, giving him a grin. "I just like it better this way. Feels way nicer." Hmmm, let's see if I was able to faze him a bit more. "And besides, that only reinforces the image I have as a bit of a kinky bastard." I added with a cheeky smile and tried to gauge his reaction to my gibe.

Apparently, Bill knew what I was trying to do, as he was laughing and fortunately didn't think about challenging my mental stability as others had before him. Who would have thought that the wizarding world was so regressive about some such simple things?

Still chuckling, Bill laid back down and then asked me teasingly: "Are there any other things I should know about?"

Huh? Why should he know anything more? Except if he just meant that the way it sounded? I grinned. Well, two could play that game. "Other things?" Let him say it.

Now he was grinning as well. "Well, perhaps any other kinks or piercings I should know about before I try to seduce you."

Oh, finally somebody who gets straight to the point. I wonder how he could be so sure that I was gay? Probably my blabbermouth of a best friend again. But I better take him up on that offer before he decides differently. "Mmmh, I don't think you'll have to try very hard. But as you are asking, there's...." I made a deliberate pause. "Why don't you just find out? I'm sure that'd be much more interesting than me just telling you."

I turned my head to look at Bill. He was doing the same and I could see the impish smile on his face. He seemed to be looking for a confirmation on my face that I really meant what I said and when I gave a slight nod, he got up and extended a hand to help me up as well. "I think, my room is safer than here. After all I really don't want Mum walking in on us."

We started moving towards the Burrow and I just had to point out to him that she could also do that in his room as none of the rooms had locks and you could undo most fast locking charms quite easily. Anything to make sure to keep people out took a longer time. Time I was sure we didn't want to invest if we wanted to enjoy ourselves before the rest of the household was back.

I mentioned the door problem on the way up the stairs, and Bill only gave a short laugh and told me: "See, that's the advantage of shagging a curse breaker. We know a few things that mere mortals don't."

With this, he opened the door to a room on the second floor and I could see a small, but tidy and comfortable room, with a shelf with some dragon models next to the door and a desk under the window. The bed was standing against the opposite wall and at first sight it seemed a bit small, but Bill just took his wand from the shelf, enlarged the bed and then turned towards the door and mumbled something unintelligible.

Seemingly satisfied with his work, he finally turned to me and looked me up and down appraisingly. I could feel my blood heating up under his gaze. And this time it certainly didn't have to do anything with the temperature outside.

The sight before me certainly was one worth remembering and only added to the intensity I was feeling. Bill's chest was nicely sculptured and I could see a few glistering pieces of skin where the heat of the day had accumulated sweat. His long, red hair was bound back, and the loose shorts were frayed at the ends and just about to fall of his hips. His lips were parted slightly and he was breathing softly through them, trying to get enough oxygen from the humid air.

This time, I was the one who did the first step and walked towards Bill until we were almost touching. I barely had to stretch to sling my arms around his neck and then I pulled him down into a light kiss.

Which I tried to deepen almost immediately. I started with running my tongue over his lips and made a soft sound when I could taste the light residue from the sweat. Finally, his mouth opened and inside it was even hotter than the sun had been that day. I groaned more audibly against his lips and intensified my efforts.

Not to be outdone by a mere teenager, he wrapped his arms around my back. We both gave a shudder at the contact of sweaty skin to skin. Without letting go of the other's mouth we made our way over to the bed, and as soon as I could feel the edge on the back of my knees, I let myself fall down onto it, taking Bill with me.

He briefly knocked the wind out of me, but just as soon as I thought I would pass out from heat and suffocation, he rolled off the bed and unto the floor. There he stayed on his knees next to the bed, lightly panting in the lingering heat of the day.

I laid on my back, breathing heavily as well, trying to find the energy for anything more strenuous than breathing. I suddenly found myself dipping into an interesting pond of excess energy when I could feel his fingers at the button of my shorts, his hand accidentally brushing against my cock who took interest into the proceedings right away.

Bill managed to get the button and zipper open despite having to try several times with his slippery fingers. When he grabbed the waistband, I lifted my hips eagerly and helped him in undressing me. As I wasn't wearing any underwear, there really wasn't anything else to do for him, except getting as naked as I was and that was exactly what he did. Without standing up, he undid the clasp at his shorts and pulled them down together with his underwear.

From my prone position on the bed I could see his already hard cock rising proudly out of his red pubic hair. Suddenly didn't mind the heat that much anymore.

Not if it meant I was getting to get that lovely piece of cock inside of me. I could feel my dick twitching in response to the sight and concluding from the look on Bill's face he had seen it too.

He smiled at me and then stood up to totally take off his clothing. I couldn't help but admire his form when he stood there. The way the little peaks on his pecs where almost glowing in the fading light and how that lovely little trail of hair led from his navel to his pubes and then to the base of his cock, which stood out at a proud forty-five degree angle.

I was rudely interrupted in my admiration when he lowered himself on the bed. However, I forgave him right away as he went to straddle my thighs and leaned down to give me another kiss. Our proximity caused our erections to brush against each other and I could feel him moan into my mouth.

All too soon he separated from my mouth but then he began trailing his tongue down my chest. I shuddered and gave a low moan when he flicked his tongue against my nipple piercing. He then continued to suck and lick and sometimes bite it. I could feel my body wanting to arch up into him, but his weight across my thighs mostly kept me on the bed.

Until he went further down and I had more freedom to move. And that was when he nipped at the small bar that I had right below my navel and that protruded from either side of the little trail of hair, I had there. The sensation of having that sensitised area manipulated and at the same time that of his chin caressing my prick, made me moan more loudly and this time I did arch of the bed.

I could feel the pressure building inside me, and to avoid giving in to it already I forcefully pulled him up and sucked his tongue into my mouth. I didn't want to come all over him. I needed to have his cock deep inside me when I exploded and to achieve this goal, I broke off the kiss and tried to get a bit more space between us.

At his confused look, I gave him a lazy smile and pulled him towards me again to give him another smouldering kiss. He didn't seem to mind and followed my lead perfectly. As soon as he was doubled over me again, I used a bit of force to turn us over and then I was the one straddling his hips.

I used a slow undulating motion, almost on top of his dick, to get him a bit more excited. I continued with a long lick from his chin down to the middle of his his pecs, and then continued from there first to his left and then to his right nipple.

I bit the first one lightly and the second one a bit more forcefully, making Bill groan and trying to arch up into me, but I didn't have much of a problem holding him down.

I slowly wiggled my way down his body, making sure to stay in contact as much as possible and when I was close to his impressive erection. Carefully letting my warm breath ghost over his twitching cock, I asked him: "Lube is in the bedside drawer?" I didn't think that he needed much more encouragement at this point if he ever did, but it was fun seeing him lose control like this.

When he started grabbing around in the drawer, I got up and kneeled next to him to give him more space. And when he finally found the small vial, he held it up triumphantly. I shivered in anticipation and quickly laid down on my stomach, as flat on the bed as I could get. My favourite position.

I put my head on the cool pillow and spread my legs invitingly, letting him see that there was absolutely no place where I wasn't tanned. I really did have to thank Sirius sometimes for his very private garden.

However, any thought of Sirius quickly left my mind, when he touched one slick finger to my opening. I moaned and wanted to arch up into the small pressure, but at the same time tried to keep strict control on me. I didn't want to waste the opportunity to have sex in the position I liked, just because I couldn't reign myself in.

I could feel the one finger enter me slowly and in lieu of trusting back against it, I moaned out: "Oh, for fuck's sake, put it inside I'm not going to break." I heard a throaty chuckle above me and then the finger was suddenly all the way in. And it felt very good.

I hadn't had a decent fuck in over two months and Bill definitely knew what he was doing. I was trying to encourage him with moans and little orders. Deeper. Faster. More. And he quickly understood that I didn't want slow and soft but hard and fast. And possibly even harder and faster.

Without so much as a warning he thrust another finger into me and this time I had to try even harder not to buck up into the touch. I just kept on moaning when his two fingers glided over my prostate. Then those two left me and my whimper probably told him that I didn't want them to leave but at the same time was anticipating what would visit me next.

And sure enough, after a few seconds of wet noises of him lubing himself up, I felt the head of his cock pressing against me and almost felt like I had died and gone to heaven. And wouldn't that be ironic. Boy Who Lived Fucked To Death.

Apparently Bill wasn't totally comfortable with our position and tried to drag me up by my hip, but I stoically refused to lift it and told him to just start fucking me already.

He finally followed my advice and as he was already half way in me, thrust the other couple of inches in as well. My walls contracted under the sudden onslaught, but that was the way I liked it--a bit painful, a bit brutal, but still able to stop him whenever I wanted. Which was far from my mind as I was getting pounded by him and was shallowly humping the mattress myself.

He laid down on me and the additional weight ... and the feel of his erect nipples sliding against my sweaty skin ... and the brushes over my prostate ... and I was coming into the bedspread below me. My walls squeezed him and with he groan and a little whimper he slammed in forcefully once more and then held on to my hips when I could feel his seed pumping inside me.

I gave a short thanks to whoever was responsible for protection charms, as this was one of my favourite parts of having sex. But I quickly lost the train of thought again as he laid there for a few minutes on my back, sweat making our wet skin stick together, and bot of us regaining our breath until he rolled off and slung his arm over his eyes.

I picked my head up off the pillows and turned to look at him laying there in the evening sunlight. I thought that this day really had been much more eventful than I had imagined and that we definitely had to do this again sometime... and of course there still was the matter that I still had to tell him about some of my other kinks...
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