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February 29, 2004

Harry Potter Fan Fics

Percy finds a way to distract Harry from his work.
Challlenge #28 on 30minutefics. Randomly choose the first line of one of the chapters of the HP books. First line is from GoF, chapter 30.

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The door of the office opened.

Harry looked up. He hadn't expected to be disturbed that late at night. All students should be in bed by now and even the other teachers were more than likely already asleep. The only reason he was still awake was that his notorious procrastination had led him to think he would have enough time to mark all the exams in one day. He snorted. He really should have known better.

However, what he saw now made him swallow painfully. Outlined against the light from the corridor, he could see a tall figure wearing a cloak so deep black, it almost looked like it was sucking the light out of the air around it - like a walking black hole.

He looked up into the face he knew so well, a face he had seen almost every day for the last five years. A head, framed by neatly combed red hair and full of freckles, even though the person the face belonged to almost never went out into the sun.

He wondered what had brought Percy here so late and was just about to ask when Percy held up his hand and shook his head. Harry closed his mouth with a snap and continued to observe. Percy really was behaving strangely tonight.

Percy turned around and drew his wand out of his pocket. With a practised swish he closed the door and then looked it. He turned back around and stared into Harry's eyes. Harry didn't know what he wanted and he was sure that was clear on his face.

Percy pressed his wand to the top button of the cloak and all the buttons opened. The cloak fell from his shoulders with barely a sound. This time Harry drew in a sharp breath. That really hadn't been what he had expected.

Percy was wearing nothing but a small black band around his cock and balls. The black of the leather contrasted with his red pubic hair and Harry could see that he was already half-hard. He looked back at Percy's face and could see the faint blush there. Not as noticeable as in Ron's face for example, but still clearly there.

He made to get up, but again Percy held out a hand and motioned him to stay put. Harry followed his orders reluctantly.

Percy moved one small step back, leaning against the door. Just his shoulders were touching it, his back arched, his feet half a metre apart. He looked ready to be ravished. Only he had clearly something different in mind.

His hands, that up until now had been hanging by his sides, were lifted and while he combed one through his hair and over his face, the other one pinched a nipple. Harry could see the reaction this caused in Percy's cock and could feel his own rising in anticipation of what was to come.

Harry watched mesmerised as Percy moved his hand from one nipple to the other, giving one a flick with his nails, the other a pinch between thumb and forefinger, then circled one with his thumb, only to give the other one particularly vicious twist.

His other hand started to move from his head, down his side, to his stomach, where he briefly dipped his little finger into his navel and then made small waves through the trail of hair leading from his navel to his now fully hard cock.

Harry felt like there really wasn't enough air in the room anymore, opening his mouth, barely noticing that it only dried out his mouth further.

Percy's left hand was still playing with his nipples, while his right had wound around his cock. His hips started to move slowly, rhythmically, causing his cock to move in and out of his fist, fucking himself in his own hand.

Eventually, he pressed his arse against the door, starting to move his hand now, moving it in twisting motions up and down, up and down, sometimes concentrating only on the head, other times covering himself whole.

He started to make delicious noises that Harry had heard so often before but never thought he would ever hear inside his classroom. Percy started moving again, writhing against the door, looking possessed and then with a small cry he spilled clear-white liquid over his hand and stomach and another squirt landed on the floor. He stroked a few more times, squeezing the last of the liquid out and opened his eyes.

They were sparkling, something that nobody would believe him if Harry ever told anybody. Nobody thought Percy Weasley's eyes could sparkle, but they did. With a hoarse voice he uttered the first words since he had come here. "If you want, that was only the foreplay. I'll be waiting in our rooms." With a flick of his wand his cloak was back on and the door was unlocked and open. Just before he left, he turned around and looked at Harry from top to bottom. "You should probably hurry, I won't be waiting all night."
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