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September 12, 2004

Harry Potter Fan Fics

Harry does something that nobody would expect of him and finds something very interesting in the process. Quasi-prequel to Grown Up, Behind the Shed and Observations.
Big thanks to my beta cave_canem!

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Harry walked out into the bustling street and almost stepped back into the studio when the heat of a mid-summer day in the city hit him. Still, he couldn't stay here forever. He forced a few lung-fulls of air into him and turned to the right. Behind him the door closed with a dull bang and a high ringing.

He bypassed a group of short-skirted women, not noticing the glances he received, but feeling happier than he had in a while. And accomplished. He grinned and strode along the crowded pavement with a new spring in his step.

He had finally done it. He had planned all of it: the fake ID created in hours of work behind his bed curtains at Hogwarts and the healing ointment he had bought on their last Hogsmeade trip. He didn't want to trust his meagre potion skills with this. Planning this whole thing out had probably been very unlike him, but then what he had done would also be considered unlike him by many people.

From all around him he could hear snippets of conversations, music coming out of the shops lining the street and the permanent background noise of the passing cars and busses. Somehow all his senses were more acute. When he walked, he felt the gauze slightly moving against the puncture wounds, making his left nipple and stomach tingle and give off slightly painful sensations.

His body felt more alive than it had in years and Harry really had to restrain himself to keep from whistling and garnering quite a few weird looks.

He didn't even properly realise that the tingling also had another effect on him. That was until a flashing sign attracted his attention and he saw himself mirrored in a shop-window.

For a moment, he could only stare. Then he came to his senses and took a few more quick steps to enter the shop he had just passed. The small bell above the door rang, but he didn't take any heed of it. He stood with his back leaned against the door, breathing rapidly as if he had just escaped a herd of hungry lions.

He hadn't even remembered that he was wearing Muggle clothes. At Hogwarts, an inappropriate hard-on was never a big problem because his robes covered everything. But here...

His heart was beating wildly. He couldn't exactly just walk around like this. His jeans were obviously tented and he would probably be arrested for indecent behaviour or something if he walked on almost exposing himself. Not to mention that he felt his stomach churning at the thought of the looks he would be receiving. There was nothing to it. He would have to stay in here until his problem disappeared.

With this resolution, his eyes finally properly settled onto the shop's merchandise.

He swallowed. And contemplated braving the crowd outside.

In front of him stood an array of ....dicks. Green, and red, and blue - and some even flesh
coloured. They could be nothing else. Some of them even looked remarkably life-like. Others only vaguely resembled a real one.

Before he could make up his mind if this disturbed him enough to leave, his eyes wandered further over the shelves. Dicks weren't the only things on display. On the far side of the room he could see a clothes rail with a barely clad mannequin next to it. On that wall he could also see a rack of magazines.

He looked through the window once again, seeing that there were just as many people out there as before, then down at his crotch. Despite his embarrassment his hard-on was still clearly visible. He didn't even want to think about what that meant about him.

So, he could either go out there again and embarrass himself or stay here and feel like a pervert. After a moment of thought, he opted for the latter. At least no other people were in the shop and the shop keeper was absorbed in a magazine and hadn't even looked up at his entrance.

Trying to look poised and as if he went into sex shops every day, Harry started to browse the shelves. Now that he had the time to look, he saw that some of the dicks were actually pretty hilarious. He had lived in a boys' dorm for six years now – not to mention that he had one of his own - and these certainly didn't resemble anything close to reality.

He turned from the shelf and instead focussed on the one with the magazines. One look over them told him more than he ever wanted to know about the female anatomy. And also told him that he wouldn't find anything that interested him here.

He gave a discreet look down again and with relief, he noted that his erection was less easy to detect. To give himself some more time to calm down, he browsed through several of the other shelves, at once fascinated and disgusted by some of the things he saw.

The fake pussies only made him want to gouge his eyes out, while the penis pump brought him close to collapsing with laughter. However, when he came to the last shelf, his interest was piqued despite what he had seen so far.

The lettering on the smallish paper box proclaimed "Butt Plug - Intensify Your Pleasure, Widen Your Horizon". Now that was perhaps something he could be interested in. In fact he could feel his cock taking an interest in his ideas again and Harry quickly diverted his thoughts to a different topic. He didn't want to have to start at the beginning again.

Still... it would probably be interesting to try it out. And he had some Muggle money left.

After all, he had to use his time at the Dursleys' somehow. He grinned and grabbed one of the smaller boxes. He wouldn't want to start off too difficult.

On his way to the counter, he also grabbed a tube of lube and laid both down on the counter.

The shop keeper finally looked up from his magazine and grinned at Harry toothily. "Finally found something, eh lad?" He grabbed the two articles and scanned them.

Harry tried to keep a straight face and not blush too much. He wasn't sure if he succeeded, but fortunately the shop keeper didn't say anything about that. He probably got it a lot, Harry thought.

"That'll be 16.90, lad." He packed both articles into a plain bag and laid it down on the counter. Harry handed him the money and took back his change. "Here you go. Have fun!" He grinned at Harry again and then returned to his magazine.

* * *

When he entered the piercing studio, Eva welcomed him with a sincere smile and a happy "Alright there, Harry?" He hadn't been nervous when he had met her here a week ago to talk about what he wanted done, but now he was. However, face to face with her expression, it was almost impossible not to smile back and lose a bit of the anxiety he had carried around all morning.

He told her that and she only laughed at him. "Charmer. If I didn't know you were gay, I'd consider asking you out for dinner right about now." He felt his stomach flop and must have looked at her with wide eyes. She laughed. "Oh, come on! Don't tell me nobody has noticed before!"

He knew that his face had to be red like a traffic light. He had never told anybody about being gay and nobody had told him to his face before. The older wizarding generations, especially, still looked at varying lifestyles disdainfully and as long as he was still at Hogwarts, he definitely didn't want his preferences to be wildly known. Well, no risk about that here.

He tried to calm himself down and smiled back at Eva. "At least nobody's ever been bold enough to tell me face to face after meeting only once."

She made a vague hand gesture. "Prudes. All of them." She gave him a cheeky grin. "Ready to be transformed into a heartbreaker?" She looked him up and down. "Not that we'll need to transform you too much for that."

Harry once again felt himself blushing. He felt almost naked in his Muggle clothes. It was really strange, after six years of wearing robes almost daily, his normal clothes felt very alien to him. Especially as this were the first clothes that actually fit him and weren't at least four sizes too big.

He looked up just in time to see Eva wave him to the back of the studio. He followed her obediently.

"Privet Drive!"

Harry jerked out of his memory. He looked around and noticed that he was the last passenger left on the Knight's Bus. With a small wave at Stan, he left and walked the few yards to No. 4.

When he closed the door behind him, he could hear the noises of an action movie from the sitting room. Leaving the banging of the guns behind him, he went up the stairs. Anticipation was coiling in his stomach and he couldn't get up to his room quickly enough.

He hadn't ever thought about using sex toys before, but now that he had bought one, he couldn't wait to try it out. He closed the door behind him and grinned. The desk chair under the door knob ensured that nobody would interrupt him, and with a few quick movements he was stripped bare.

When he shed his shirt, he remembered the piercings he would have to look after first. In his impatience he hadn't even noticed the slight drumming in the wounds. He went over to his trunk and got the healing ointment out.

He was just glad that he was a wizard and had simpler methods than doing this whole salt water thing Eva had told him about. He could finally appreciate the use of potions if they made you heal that much faster.

With a small, happy sigh, he sat down on his bed and ripped the gauze off of the two piercings.

He started by dribbling some of the purple liquid onto his nipple, careful to cover the entrance and exit of the bar and watched fascinated as a yellow smoke started to form. The procedure felt warm, but not unpleasant and he had to remind himself that this was not the time to get aroused yet. He would be able to do something about that later on.

The bar on his stomach was a bit more difficult to reach. He laid down on his bed and put his pillow and duvet behind his back. Again the yellow smoke tickled him and this time the warm feeling spread to his cock and balls, making him clench his teeth on order to avoid giving in to his impulse right now. He had been aroused on and off for the last hour now and he was getting desperate.

Finally, the smoke cleared and he could see that the redness around the piercings had disappeared, making it look as if they had been there forever. The tingling had disappeared as well, but Harry's cock was hard once again. Before he could get distracted by that, Harry opened the bag and took the box and tube of lube out.

He had only ever fucked himself with his fingers, but in his opinion now was a good time to experiment a bit more. After all, after Voldemort's death, he had promised himself to turn over a new leaf and finally behave in a way he wanted to, not that was expected of him. And he wanted to finally get laid. Not with a lovely little witch as so many expected, but with a wizard he could choose. And this would certainly be good training.

With a contended sigh, he laid back on the bed and took the almost egg-shaped toy out of its box. He snuggled into the duvet comfortably.

The first touch to his left nipple almost made him moan out aloud. Only in the last second did he remember that the Dursleys were in the house and he definitely didn't want to alert them.

The feeling was incredible. His nipple had already been sensitive before, but now... he pinched his nipple again and again and then for variation he did the other one as well. He was close to coming, just from doing this.

The light summer sheets felt nice against his skin and his cock jumped. He could feel the heavy weight against his stomach, it was lightly brushing against the new piercing, making him shiver. This felt better than he would have thought.

He was always careful to be quiet so that nobody would hear. That was always one of the most difficult things during the summer. He liked being loud, wanted to be loud, but here he couldn't place any silencing charms – at least not for another two weeks – and so he had to force himself to be silent.

And he had to calm himself down if he didn't want to come yet. Which he didn't.

He grabbed the butt plug from beside him and started by running it over his chest. He vaguely wondered what it would feel like if it vibrated, but then concentrated on the feelings this one was giving him.

The cool, smooth surface raised goose bumps on his hot skin when he ran it over his stomach muscles. He could feel the muscles contracting, the plug slowly warming to his skin, leaving a tingling in its wake even without vibrations.

He lightly touched his cock with the plug and watched, amused, when his dick twitched lightly, curving into the direction of the touch. Sometimes he really thought it had a life of its own.

He bit his lower lip when he moved even lower, teasing his balls and the space behind them, slowly moving towards his hole. The more he experimented like this, the more he wished that he actually had somebody to fuck. What good was being the saviour of the wizarding world when you couldn't even get a good shag out of it?

But now he wanted to concentrate on the feelings the new toy brought out in him. He exhaled slowly, when he stroked with the plug over his hole, his hand gripping it tightly, cramping. He loosened his grip and the tension in his wrist disappeared.

With his left hand, he groped along the linen, searching for the small metal tube with the lube. After a few moments of searching, his fingers finally closed around it and he brought it up to his chest.

Now the difficult decision: stop playing with his hole and open the tube or go on playing and not be able to open it. No matter how easy the decision sounded, he didn't seem to be able to stop moving the plug over his hole. Little shocks were running through his body, making him shiver, images of naked bodies and stolen kisses swimming through his brain. He fell into a rhythmic movement, one circle around, then a few swipes across and the whole process over.

Only a few minutes later did he remember the now warmed up tube and finally found the willpower to move his right hand up to his chest as well. He let the plug fall to his side and focused his eyes on his chest. His fingers were shaking and he had a few problems opening the tube. He could see his cock laying against his stomach, hurting with arousal and it made concentrating hard.

A few fumbled attempts later he was ready to throw the tube against the wall and just get himself off the good old-fashioned way; but then the cap finally came undone. He squeezed some of the gel onto his fingers, then moved his fingers over the plug, coating it in the smooth gel.

He closed the tube haphazardly, and threw it down next to him. He grasped the plug and moved it straight to his hole. A few circles, then a light stab. He winced at the burn that went through him, but moved on. Little by little, the plug moved through the muscle, stretching him, making him throw his head back, suppressing his moans. He twisted his hand, trying to find that little spot he had found with his fingers before.

There! "Yesss..." The low hiss would probably not be heard outside, he allowed himself that noise. His left hand was still slick with the gel and when he touched his left nipple with it, he felt as if he had levitated himself off the bed. He twisted himself around to muffle his groan in the duvet. Panting against the cotton in his face, twisting the plug in his arse, fingers twisting his nipple, cock rubbing against the cotton sheets… and coming into the linen under him.

The last of his noises were also absorbed into his bed, his hands slowing down, his hips stilling, then he had calmed down.

With a groan, he pulled the plug out, dropping it next to him, and collapsing onto the bed. Next year he definitely wanted to be fucked.
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