The Charm


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February 16, 2004

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He loved sneaking around. 
Warning: Somewhat disturbing at the end!

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He loved sneaking around. It was always good to find something. Or somebody.

He didn't know how often he had already run into kissing or fucking couples, and the best was they never knew he was there.

Oh, yes this nice little charm had come in quite handy from time to time. He could frolick around the halls after lights out. He didn't have to worry about that squib Filch or his stupid cat. He could follow Potter around and he never knew who was following him.

He knew that he was being followed, of course. He was always careful not to make a sound, but still Potter turned around and looked directly at him more than once. He never saw him.

Potter himself, was also quite good at disappearing. It had taken Draco months to find out how Potter managed to get around the castle without being found out and landing one detention after another. Until one night, he had seen him sneaking around once again. He had followed him of course, and he had seen how he had disappeared in thin air.

It took a few more days and a bit of research, a nd he found out that the only thing Potter could use was an invisbility cloak. How he had got one, Draco didn't know, but he was certainly using it to his best abilites.

Tonight was again one of those nights where he was closely following Potter. He wasn't quite sure why he was following him, at first he had tried to find something incimiating, then it had just started to become habit, and finally he had been quite happy just following Potter around, seeing where he took him tonight.

He had to give it to Potter, he knew the best spaces in the castle. A suit of armour that guarded a secret room here and a wall that disappeared if you stroked it just the right way there, and voila, you had total privacy. Which was something very much desired in a boarding school.

Tonight, Draco was finally going to try and follow Potter inside one.

Once there, tonight it was a curtain that cincealed a door if you blew on it three times first, he could see a somewhat dusty room that was furnished with a sofa and a small table. He stayed close to the entry and watched Potter, as he sat down and gave a great sigh.

Draco wondered what Potter would do now that he was finally alone. But in the end he didn't expect the voice speaking - to him of all people! "Malfoy, why don't you stop this ridiculous charm and just sit down?"

Draco shuddered. That couldn't eb happening! His father had told him again and again that nobody was to know about the charm and now Potter had found out! He couldn't show himself! The charm was Dark Arts, very Dark Arts actually, it needed the blood of a hating relative to complete and if he was ever found out, he was going to land in Azkaban!

Draco swore silently, but otherwise didn't move a muscle. Just let Potter think that he had been wrong. That was it. No worry about having become to light hearted with the charm, he would just creep out again when Potter left. And from then on Draco would be much more careful.

Of course, it didn't work as it was supposed to. Potter, once again spoke. "I know that you are there, Malfoy. And if you don't talk now I'm going to the Headmaster. I know what charm you are using."

No! That was it, he had to do something. Draco silently slid his wand from its holster and aimed at Harry. There was only one thing to do. "Avada Kedavra."
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