Behind the Shed


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August 26, 2004

Harry Potter Fan Fics

The day after the sex before. Sequel to Grown Up and prequel to Observations.
Big, big thanks to maltkate22 for betaing this!

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"You know you look incredible like that, right?"

Harry looked down at him from his position leaning against the shed behind the Burrow. "No, I don't." He smirked at Bill and licked his lips. "Tell me about it."

Bill felt a shiver running down his back despite the heat and gulped. So Harry wanted him to talk dirty, did he? He grinned and concentrated on dropping his voice to a more seductive level.

He stared at Harry's chest and leaned forwards, his mouth almost touching. "You're so hot like this." His mouth touched Harry's nipple and he gave it a small tug. "Glistering with sweat," he exhaled over Harry's nipple watching it contract under the stream of air. "Splayed against the wall like a sacrifice to the Sun God." He let his tongue move between Harry's pecs, licking the drops of sweat pooling there, "Balls peeking out of your shorts", moved lower and tugged at Harry's stomach piercing. "Waiting to be fucked."

He looked up to the sound of a moan and a dull knock against the wall. Harry's head was thrown back and when he swallowed his Adam apple bobbed under the skin. His black hair glistered in the summer sun and his eyes were closed.

Fuck the Sun God, Harry was looking like a divine figure himself. And Bill was going to make him look even better.

"What do you want me to do?" He lightly bit the skin around Harry's piercing. "Lick you all over?" He started by tracing the muscles on the sweat-glistering stomach with his tongue. "Devour you with my mouth?" Each small dent and ripple underwent an exploration. In turn, he could feel every clenching of Harry's muscles under his tongue and hear an unintelligible sound from above him.

Slowly, oh so slowly, he descended back to the navel. "Do you want me to fuck you with me mouth?" His tongue swirled around and into it almost of its own accord.

"Yes!", closely followed by a moan were the only answers and they seemed to go straight to his stomach. He decided to concentrate on Harry.

Bill's eyes were closed, but in his mind he could see Harry: Taking shallow breaths, fingers splaying and curling against the wall, nails scratching against it, his eyes closed tightly, biting his lip. He could hear Harry's nails against the wood, Harry emitting little whimpers, Harry trying to force oxygen into his lungs, Harry trying to move, but failing.

His own moan reminded him that he had to concentrate on what he was doing. Like licking from Harry's navel downwards, almost laughing when the short trail of hairs from Harry's navel to his pubes tickled against his tongue as he moved over them. His spit was sticking the hair to Harry's skin, moving it this way and that when he swiped over it with his tongue.

Finally, he arrived at the piercing just above the waistband of Harry's shorts. He drew circles around it, changing to a figure eight, and then returning to his circling. He was getting smaller all the time, until finally, he could feel the small metal studs on his tongue again. At first they were cool to the touch, then they started to warm. He gave them a good bath in his spit, eventually descending again. And remembering their little game.

"You are so hard for me." His breath ghosted over the cloth-covered erection. "Waiting for me to touch you." He ignored the pushed-out fabric and didn't remove the baggy shorts Harry wore, but rather started to suck on Harry's balls. The skin was soft, and pliant, not a single hair disturbing his motions. "Wishing I would touch you harder," he teased Harry's balls with his tongue, "suck you down into my throat." He grinned when Harry helplessly pushed his crotch forward and held him with a hand on his hip. "Fuck you so hard you won't be able to breathe." He nudged at the balls with his nose and nuzzled the space behind them.

He heard Harry's breathing deepening, great gulps of air leaving his lungs in a whizzing sound. "Yes, Bill. Please, fuck me. Now." Harry's moans were getting louder and breathier and the sounds went straight to Bill's cock. His jeans were becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

He tried to distract himself by laughing softly. "Not yet, Harry." He could feel the vibrations of his words against Harry's skin and Harry must have felt them as well. He gave another moan, probably somewhere between disappointment and anticipation.

Bill finally gave in to his body's urges and eased his discomfort a bit. His left hand had almost unconsciously started to rub his cock and was now inching its way into his jeans. They were so tight, that he had to open the button and zipper first and then he finally had the glorified feeling of his hands and the sun on his flesh. No material at all between his favourite part of his body and its pleasure.

He removed his head from between Harry's legs and looked up at him. "What do you want to me to do?"

Harry looked down when he noticed Bill talking to him and for a moment he looked undecided. Bill saw him taking in the sight before him. Bill, stroking his cock slowly, kneeling before him, ready to do whatever he wanted... at least if Bill felt like it. He smirked.

"Suck me, please."

He could see the outline of Harry's hard cock through the flimsy shorts, but he did have his own ideas on what to do about that.

He moved to the top of Harry's shorts. "You would like that, wouldn't you?" A groan was his answer. Carefully, he lifted the waistband from Harry's skin, turned it down so only the very top of Harry's cock was peeking out of the shorts.

There was no doubt in his mind that Harry looked even better this way. He could sense Harry tensing and quickly retreat a bit. "You won't come yet."

Harry's breathing finally slowed down a bit and he calmed down enough to notice that Bill's touch had disappeared. He blinked down at him and Bill shivered, seeing the lust in those eyes. "Just watch me."

Bill leaned forward slightly. His breath was caressing the tip of Harry's cock and then he extended his tongue to play with it.

Harry's head hit the shed with a thud and Bill pulled away. "Harry, watch me."

He waited until Harry was looking down again, panting through opened lips and nodded slowly.

Bill returned to the task before him. His tongue wormed its way almost under the foreskin, lightly teasing the extra sensitive flesh there. He licked around the top, careful to really only touch Harry with his tongue, moved over the small slit, gathering one drop of precome that made him yearn for more.

With exaggerated carefulness, he left Harry's cock alone and even turned up the waistband again, covering the whole cock in cloth once more.

Bill had to grin at Harry's disappointed groan. "That will teach you to listen to my wishes."

To make up for his teasing, he hiked the leg of the shorts up a bit further, giving Harry's erection the chance to be bathed from that side as well.

Again, he moved his tongue over the pulsing flesh under him, grinning happily when Harry shuddered and clawed at the wall. Harry's moans were getting louder; so loud in fact that Bill was glad they weren't close to the house.

Eventually, he took mercy on Harry and let his whole erection slide out of the shorts leg. He gave an unperturbed grin when it jumped at him happily, almost straight into his mouth.

Bill lightly kissed the tip, only to have Harry groan again and shove his hands into Bill's hair. Bill only now became aware of his hair swishing against his back, adding to the sensual feeling he was experiencing. He pulled back. "The way you look makes me so hot."

His own hands were now both busy with his own erection, sliding over the skin, caressing his balls, from time to time moving up to squeeze a nipple.

"C'mon, Harry. Look down. Look what you do to me."

Harry once again seemed to force his eyes open and looked down. "Look, how hard I am for you. Just waiting to bury my cock inside you."

Harry groaned and almost looked up again, but in the last moment he kept Bill's gaze. "Bill, please. Do something!"

"Of course, Harry. You only needed to ask." He leant forward and started to suck Harry's cock in earnest. He started with bathing the top in spit, making it nice and slippery and then took almost the whole cock into his mouth. The pubic hair that just barely touched his nose was trimmed nicely and only tickled a bit.

The feeling of this lovely cock in his mouth, sliding in and out at a leisurely pace, and that in the warm sunshine, basically in front of his parents, excited Bill to no end. As did the noises Harry made from above. Groaning and moaning and humming in his throat. He could almost feel the half-words running down his spine and tickling him, heightening his feelings. Harry's hands in his hair were a constant reminder of who he was doing this for.

A few minutes later, it all became too much. If he didn't get to have Harry now he would explode. He pulled back and gripped the waistband of Harry's shorts and drew them down totally, leaving Harry splayed against the wall, naked.

He helped Harry step out of the shorts, and then stood up from his kneeling position. His knees hurt slightly from the hard ground, but he was quickly distracted by seeing himself throwing a shadow against Harry, dunking him into half-darkness. He could feel himself absorbing the sunlight into his skin, feeling warm and alive and excited.

"Bill, please. Need you now."

He crashed his mouth to Harry's. When he felt their erections sliding together, he became even more excited and groaned into that lovely mouth he was ravishing.

Harry started to slowly hump against his body and was almost trying to crawl into his mouth. Their tongues were sliding against each other. From one mouth to another. Rubbing over teeth and gums, trading spit from one mouth to another and finally leaving them panting, looking at each other, their mouths glistering with liquid.

Harry's fingers were gripping Bill's shoulders, and then moved down his body. They made short work of his jeans, and drew them down totally, all the while making small delicious, needy noises that Bill couldn't get enough of. Harry steadied Bill as he stepped out of them. Bill could feel his skin prickling in the heat, making him aware of every place that was bathed in sunlight.

From his position on the floor, Harry looked up at Bill. "Will you finally fuck me now?" His voice betrayed his frustration at having had to wait, but now Bill also wasn't in a state to procrastinate any more. He nodded and Harry reached for his own shorts, pulling something from a pocket.

Harry straightened, smiling lustfully, and gave Bill a small metal tube. That was supposed to contain lube? The name on the side was Astroglide and Bill only hoped that it held what the name promised. "Why do you carry around Muggle lube?"

Harry leaned against the shed comfortably, now that he was sure to get his wish seeming much more relaxed. "Have you ever tried carrying around a glass bottle, even if it has an unbreakable charm on it? Much easier with such a small tube."

While he was talking, Bill opened the tube and started by smothering the gel over his own erection. "God." The slick feeling brought him even closer to orgasm, the way his hand glided over his skin, tickling nerves and shooting stars into his brain.

He opened his eyes and met Harry's lustful eyes. Harry was watching his every movement. Watching how Bill wanked himself in front of him in the back of his parent's garden. Bill groaned from the thought. "Fuck!" He had never thought he was an exhibitionist, but this feeling was incredible.

He stopped. He had to stop; otherwise he would have exploded right then and there. And that was not what he wanted.

He reluctantly pulled his hand from his cock and instead moved closer to Harry again. They shared one more kiss, tongues twisting and lips moving, and then Bill lightly pushed Harry around. "Spread you legs." Harry complied without a second thought.

His breath hitched when he looked at Harry, his shoulders almost touching the wall, legs apart, his hands raised and splayed against the green wood. He was a sight to behold and keep deep, deep in his memory for every other wank fantasy he would ever need.

He put some more lube onto his fingers and then moved them up and down Harry's crack. He had to smile. "Where else do you shave, Harry?"

With his left hand, he touched Harry's right leg and made him move his legs a bit further apart. Harry did so and he did even more. He braced his hands against the wall and stuck his arse towards Bill even further. "Nowhere else. No stop teasing and get around to fucking!"

He leaned forwards and whispered into Harry's ear. "Yes, sir. Fucking will commence at once."

He moved his hand and roughly pushed one finger into Harry's body, knowing since last night that Harry didn't mind it a bit rougher. A few seconds later he already added a second.

Harry pushed his arse back against him. "Then stop talking and do it!"

Bill leaned his cock up and entered Harry with a small pop. The clenching around the head of his cock almost drove him wild and he rested for a second. His puffs of air hit Harry's neck and he could feel Harry's hair tickling his nose.

The smell of fresh sweat and sun and summer drowned his every sense and he had to move. He tightened his grip one Harry's hips and moved the rest of the way in.

They both groaned when Bill leaned his chest against Harry's back and then fresh air flooded between them when Bill moved back. There was no feeling like this. There was nothing like fucking out in the sun with somebody he liked even outside of bed and who was just as kinky as he was. Perhaps even more so.

The whole experience had Bill so wound up, it only took him a few strokes until he exploded. His leg muscles spammed under the strain and he had to fight to stay upright.

Breathing heavily, he leaned against Harry's back and didn't move for what felt like hours, or days, or months.

Then he noticed that Harry was still breathing hard and desperately trying to move against the weight on his back and the obstacle in front of him. "Either finish what you started or get off me so I can finish by myself!" Bill could hear the desperation in Harry's voice.

So, with what little strength Bill had left he pressed a kiss to Harry's shoulder blade and sunk to his knees once again. The pain from earlier came back and now satisfied himself, he noticed it all the more. He ignored it and touched Harry, so he would turn around.

Harry leaned back against the shed and Bill watched him watching him. Harry's hands tangled in his hair once more as he took Harry's cock into his mouth, lightly grazed it with his teeth and swirled his tongue once around the top.

"Yes! Just like that... just a little more... a little harder..."

He didn't need the vocal assurances that Harry was just about to explode. He could already feel Harry's cock becoming just a bit harder and wider and took it fully into his throat, awaiting the impending orgasm. Bill didn't have to wait long, as Harry erupted just when his nose touched his lover's pubes and spilled his sperm down Bill's throat. His groan echoed against the wall of the shed, but Bill didn't have time to worry about somebody finding them.

He kept bobbing up and down on the still hard cock and coaxed even the last squirts of sperm from Harry. When Harry started to soften, he withdrew completely and leaned his head against Harry's thigh, Harry's hand still slowly stroking his hair.

Bill heard nothing but the roaring in his ears, the breathy moans from Harry and felt his own blood still pounding through his body.

The both started coming down from their high, their breathing becoming less laboured, and they finally noticed the world around them again. The sun had almost disappeared behind the horizon and it was slowly cooling down.

"Come on. Let's -" Bill was just considering moving and putting on some clothes when he heard the horror of every son still living at home.

His mother. "Bill! Harry! Where have you gone off to now? Dinner is ready!"

Bill felt Harry jerk against him and looked up into terrified eyes. Right, had to be the same experience for Harry. Quickly, he pulled himself to his feet and was just about to step into his jeans, when his mother rounded the shed.

Her mouth was already open to call for them once again, but when she took in the sight of them - and what a sight it had to be! - she didn't make a sound. In fact, she fainted dead away.

Bill looked at Harry, then his mother, then back again. He pulled his jeans up and buttoned them, watching Harry do the same. "Think we can get away with telling her she had a heat stroke and was hallucinating?"
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